Thursday, May 31, 2012


Recently I was blabbering about how I don't have a stack of UFO's.....and confessing my impatience for stitching patchwork.

While digging in my overflowing fabric closet, I came upon a king size quilt top, plus several extra rows and some blocks.  All made to become a duvet cover and shams.  This was in the works just prior to our decision to pick up and move from Wisconsin to North it got forgotten.
 Several members of our PTA fiber group shared a fun technique..... what's being called "disappearing 4 patch or 9 patch".  Instead of linking you to a specific site...I'm recommending you google it instead because there are many good tutorials to follow.

 I'll show you my short version.
First, take a block....line up your ruler...measuring 1" from the center seam line and cut across the whole block.
Do that on each vertical and horizontal side of the center seam.  It's easiest to work on a small cutting mat that can be rotated as you work.
 Next, rearrange the patches.
 ......and sew them back together.....  this one is still too matchy, matchy.....but you get the idea.....
.......I've just gotten started with no intention of making too many 'new blocks'.  Rather, I'm thinking of using these new designs in a strippy lap quilt.   (To replace a couch quilt that our dog chewed!)

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Robbie said...

At least your dog hasn't chewed your glasses!!!! OMG!!!
I just finished a scrap background piece...but love what you did using your patchwork! Hmmmmm wonder if I have enough courage to cut my whole piece and resew!!!
this new word verification has me going crazy! is it my eyes or are the numbers hard to read!