Tuesday, March 28, 2023


 Lot's of hours spent stitching......but moving along happily on a commission piece.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Spending 8+ hrs. daily for the last 5 days in studio....driven!!! New piece in the works. Finding just the right shade of my hand-dyed fabrics is more time consuming than one would expect. 

Saturday, March 18, 2023


 It's fun to explore a style I rarely work with.  These deep and brightly colored hand-dyed cottons have been calling to me for years.  The addition of the black and white sashing really made them pop.

Hand-dyed cottons, pieced and quilted by machine. Faced edges.

Pieced backing with hanging sleeve.

Friday, March 17, 2023


 Annually, the middle of March marks 'New York's Asia Art Week'. Though this style is not my norm, a large stash of Japanese fabrics gifted to me by a friend led to many, many designs. Here are several that are currently available for sale at Woolworth Walk Gallery, Asheville, NC. Check my online gallery for complete descriptions. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2023


 Our youngest grandchild is a budding artist.....as well as a skilled athletic....all at age 6!

We bought him a 3-D pencil for Christmas......here he is learning the techniques of this fascinating tool.

Friday, March 10, 2023

R & R

 After way too much of 'the husband's' 2022 year long health drama, a lull allowed me to attend our annual PTA (Professional Textile Artists) retreat, ongoing since 2009.

Bliss.....laughter galore, great food, ample bubbly, and a sewing marathon made it perfect.

This year we each got two narrow tables!!!  I was able to snag a spare one to use for a sewing station.  One negative...the chairs were so low, even with multiple pillows I couldn't achieve a good level to sew and press....lots of having to stand up between sewing seams.  I'm a press as you go sewer.
  My blocks are now arranged on my design wall at home in preparation for the black and white sashing I'll be adding between the blocks. 
Here's a mock up Lynne (and expert at EQ) made for me after I began to fool around with some simple black and white checkerboard strips I had sewn. I like the random placement of the fabrics better, so this is the route I will probably take.

Barbara's show and tell.....awesome isn't it?
Barbara worked on several projects.....here's one
And here's another......
Cathy was working on this happy and oh so colorful 9 patch piece.  I should have gotten close-ups of her hand stitched accents.....just right additions!
Our meals were perfection again this year....we finally got smart and used paper products to reduce our kitchen chores.....okay it's not environmentally friendly, we get that!!  This is Shrimp Gumbo, and homemade brioche buns with what else?!?  Yes, bubbly.....
After several different approaches to meals over the years....finally the last two years Leigh Anne and Barbara pre-made most of our delicious meals.  Leigh Anne is an excellent and enthusiastic chef....she and her husband are embarking on their own food truck which will be stationed across from the Virginia Quilt Museum.  Don't miss it if you are ever in that area!!  (We may use paper plates but we do recycle....photo taken lunch time day 2.)

Marene's project had us all drooling......aren't you??

There were 9 of us this year, unfortunately I missed snapping photos of all the projects.....so intent was I on getting my blocks made!!  

Thursday, March 2, 2023


 I expected the Scan N Cut to be a plug in and go.....ha ha.  These machines are so darn complex, taking a hammer to it had occurred to me many times.  

All I wanted it for was to be able to scan in a design, mostly nature based like trees/birds/weeds etc. And then have the machine cut it out pre-fused fabric to be used for appliqué...thus saving my ever problematic shoulder.

Thanks to follower Darlene and others.....I learned about several SNC Facebook groups.  Members of 'Everything Scan N Cut with Jennifer Brodie' hand held me through the most basic problems to a head scratcher.... 

I believe I'm on my way to better results as seen in these photos......

A few things I learned.....it's necessary to have a complete outline of the motif (originally the lower trunk was not closed), switched to Heat N Bond Lite fusible (which I've never liked) learned to clean my mat properly, learned to starch my fabric before fusing....and on and on.....  

I was told over and over, every machine is different (why?!?) it takes a lot of experimenting to find the combo of materials/set up that makes yours happy.  BTW - most of the members of this group do not work with fabric....instead do the most amazing things with paper and vinyl but I can not tell you how friendly, helpful and encouraging this group is.