Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My blogging will probably be limited for awhile.......as many of you might also.....I have a husband who LOVES to ride motorcycles. I've always been against it......and won't ride with him. He's a smart rider, experienced, super cautious and wears every protective piece of gear possible....which probably saved his life.

'The husband' had a serious motorcycle accident on Sat. and was taken by helicopter ambulance to Asheville's major hospital's trauma center where he remains today. The good news is he should be okay in time.

I'm posting these pictures so if YOU know anyone riding without a full face helmet......well......the pictures speak for themselves. Even with all his gear and going only about 25 mph......his injuries are serious......but w/o the gear......the conversation would be much, much different.

As I was driving home in the rain from the hospital last night....where I have pretty much camped out........ I noticed this rainbow.......I hope that's a good omen that he'll continue forward progress on his improvement, even though we know it will be a long recovery.

I'll keep you posted as I can.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Our group experimented by cutting lots of different materials with the Sizzix machines.....

Leather worked great!

Here's some thin foam that Judy will use for stamping.

Show and Tell, as usual was inspiring. Patsy has been cranking out work for Market where she will be unveiling her own die cast designs that will be suitable for various cutting machines. Of course her talent designing feathers will be the focus.

This quilt is a beauty.......note the various placement possibilities of this large feather....imagine cutting it out by hand.......

and more.....

....and more.......the designs will be available on Patsy's website soon....check it out.

I just had to snap some photos of part of Patsy's massive collection of threads....what else would one expect of such a master of machine quilting!!

I've certainly learned from Patsy that there's the right thread for every project....matching threads to your fabrics and specific task is so important.....

Friday, April 22, 2011


Yesterday we gathered for our April Fiber Junkie play date......we are a group of 6 who meet to share and experiment various fiber related techniques and of course enjoy friendship. Our agenda yesterday was die cutting, using machines such as those made by Sizzix.

Patsy Thompson hosted this meeting and provided many of the die cutting machines we used.

Sharp metal shapes are mounted on blocks of wood and covered with foam.

Pasty gave us a great suggestion......she traces the design with a permanent pen for faster identification once they are out of their packaging.

Fabric (backed with a paperbacked fusible if desired) can be stacked and cut in layers for instant gratification.

Fabric is stacked onto the cutting block and placed between two plastic 'carriers' which easily run through the machine by hand cranking. Pressure rollers allow the cutting to take place.

Look at the detail that can be achieved!!

Plastic embossing sheets can also be used to add texture to various items. Here you are seeing a LARGE die cutting machine and a embossing 'folder'. Items such as this small piece of brown grocery bag can be textured when run through the machine.

.....and thin metal.....we were all leaping for joy as various products were tried.

more to come......

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My visit to the Orange/Durham Quilters Guild was a whirlwind.......yesterday, 25 enthusiastic students spent the day with me learning a multitude of beading techniques. I was so impressed with their skill level......no grumblers in this group....and I really worked them hard! My lecture "Viewed With A Smile" was in the evening.......and today I made my way back home.

After a few days away, I am anxious to get back to my projects.....

This is another piece I'm making to donate to AAQI. I'm working on some of my heavily felted hand dyed wool and making sure it will be the required 9" x 12" size. The basting lines denotes the shape. The main design lines were transferred by machine stitching the drawing I did on light-weight non-fusible stabilizer which had been basted to the wrong side. I use the stitching lines as a guide for my beading..........

......which is now complete. The background could use a little more texture so that's my next step....not sure exactly what I'll do......but after a little experimenting I'll settle on something and update you as it proceeds.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


PTA fiber group (Piecers Talkers and Appliquers) had our monthly meeting on Thursday, and as is typical, it revolved around food, chatting, and fiber.

We met in Waynesville, NC. An old town with a lovely historic district.....featuring quaint industrial type settings for restaurants.....

With yummy food.....

.....being an 'embellisher'......the raffia wrapped napkin (even if it was paper) got my attention.

This area is home to mountain music....these metal sculptures greet shoppers along Main Street.

Of course, one of our members who will remain nameless (Connie Brown) couldn't resist posing for us.

There are many shops and galleries to browse.......Primitive antiques are my favorite.......

And who could pass up these quilts w/o wanting to take one home??

I'm off tomorrow to visit with the members of Orange/Durham Quilt Guild in Chapel Hill, NC where I'll be presenting a workshop (though I think it's full) and an evening lecture, where guests are welcome..... Be sure to say hello if you are attending....

Friday, April 15, 2011


Thank you everyone for cheering me along on this project...... Lesson learned (again) ......sometimes ya gotta just let the quilt go where it wants to.

This design really wanted to be framed with beads......or maybe it's ME who is so passionate about incorporating beads along the edge of my quilts....that I simply couldn't see it any other way.

But....it's now complete.... My first attempt at working with my own deconstructed screen printed fabric was quite a change from solid or almost solid colors of woolfelt. Pushing oneself beyond 'comfort level' is a wonderful growing opportunity!

10 1/2" x 13"
$200 (includes insured shipping)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Here's a sampling of a few of the other exhibits on display at The Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC.

If you can't read the signage.....try clicking on the photo and it should open into a larger format..... Again, I apologize for the poor quality photos.....my camera wasn't able to capture the images very well in the dim light.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Yesterday, the members of L.I.N.T. (fiber group) traveled to Charlotte to experience 'culture'.

Our destination was The Mint museum......

The inside entrance greeted us with what appeared to be hand dyed fabric flags (boxes really).

We were delighted to find this fashion exhibit......

The fashion styles varied......read the signage below about this piece......what a hoot...."Gift of a Palm Beach Lady".......wellllll excuse me.......

Taking quality photos was difficult since no flash was allowed in these very dimly lighted rooms. Hope the elegance still comes through....

It was created by the House of Chanel (2003-2004 season). It's a boxy jacket/knee-length skirt of fine wool, covered with a silk netting.

Here's a Gucci dress (made in Italy)


The shoe displays were such fun......

Hummmm........I'm sure I couldn't balance in these!!