Saturday, May 26, 2012


Don't ya just hate those car recalls?  Time wasters for sure....however, when safety is concerned....okay....I'm all for them.

My car had a recall which required a 2 hr. round trip drive to the 'big city', of Asheville.  It's so strange that for all the years we lived in suburban Chicago, I thought nothing of driving 45 mins. anywhere......but now I count those minutes like they were disappearing dollars....go figure.

The good news is we had occupy ourselves for about 3 hrs. so off we went to shop....seriously, is my life now so shallow that this is a big deal??

 "The husband' got a new belt.....his waistline continues to shrink while mine expands!
 "The black tornado" got a mat for her kennel.  I really dislike the big kennel sitting in our dining area. So, the other night we tried an experiment....we brought her doggie bed into our bedroom.  Thinking....well...she loves snoozing on it in the daytime.....let's see if we can eliminate the kennel.  Ha, took her less than 5 seconds to get off her bed and onto ours.  Back to nights in the kennel for the foreseeable future.
 Sooty, on high alert waiting for the ball to be thrown.  She's definitely not trustworthy outside she's easily distracted and will run off to chase anything that moves, even butterflies.  We were told that a shock collar would be our answer and that using it only once or twice....she'd be cured.  NOT so!!  I think the answer will be - maturity, just like humans.
 And....I got this.  Yard art always attracts me.  We've had this blank spot in our landscaping at the entrance to our driveway in the hopes of finding an old grinding wheel.  It was our plan to have our address carved into the stone. 6 years later, we still haven't found one so it was time to make this spot more attractive.
A local metal artist made it. It looks to be made of some sort of gears......  We've buried the lower stand beneath the mulch.....I love it!  

A good day was had by all.....

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Robbie said...

I love hearing your puppy stories! Makes me feel better about our adoptee!
I like all your purchases too! Especially the yard art! cool piece!