Friday, May 11, 2012


There's no doubt about it......I'm going to have to hand quilt the rusted/deconstructed screen printed quilt I've been working on.  It's so interesting that I can easily pierce the rusted fabric with a hand needle, but my machine refuses to go through it. be it.....I'll do what needs to be done and report back when it is!

In the meantime, here's a peak at another project I'm working on.  It's a tribute to my wonderful brother Chuck who we lost to cancer a mere month ago after an 8 month courageous battle.  

 He had a close relationship with his young granddaughter who he regularly took to Bookworm Gardens.  It was there that she saw a funky playhouse and asked her grandpa to make one for her.  She had a very specific color vision of how the house would look.  Maybe there will be another quilter in the family some day.  Here's the finished playhouse.
 Bookworm Gardens was a very special place for the two of them so the family has asked that any memorials offered go to this organization.  Of course I could write out a check too, but I had another idea.  Most non-profits do not have the funds to purchase I wondered if they would be receptive to my offer to make a wall quilt for them.  Oh my goodness....yes, yes....they were thrilled and so was I.  

The above photo was my starting's a pile of fabric being auditioned to become Taylor's playhouse....which will be one of the focal points of the quilt.
 This photo and those below show the construction phases of the playhouse.  I have way too many ideas for other motifs to be included in the quilt so I felt it would be easier to work around and edit my choices once I had the playhouse completed. 

Normally I prefer to provide continuous posts detailing the progress of my projects, however, this one will probably take a good amount of time so bear with me as I infrequently share the construction.


Frances Arnold said...

Such a wonderful way to honor your Brother!!!

About me said...

What a wonderful tribute to your brother and how lucky for Bookworm Gardens to have a piece of your work.

Robbie said...

How great!! And it is such a nice tribute!! The colors are a perfect match!!
Have you tried a metallic or sharp #90 to quilt the rust fabric?

Mary Stori said...

Tx's Robbie for the for anyone else who might be wondering....yes, I tried a #90-14 needle....even a leather needle....nada..... Hope it isn't my machine's motor that is whimping out!