Monday, May 21, 2012


Did you guess I'd be adding beads to complete this quilt? did I!  However after steaming, the edges still weren't as knife straight as I'd like (okay, okay I am a perfectionist).  But really, no fiber piece is totally knife straight along the edges....who am I kidding...unless it's stretched over a frame!  

To help fool the eye into accepting the slight imperfections....such as the typical lumpy corners that are all too often the result of using the facing method...I decided to hand embroider wonky and uneven stitches instead of my beloved beads! I'm becoming a real fan of Valdani #12 variegated embroidery thread which was strong enough to withstand stitching through 4 layers.  The variegation added interest and again helped to trick the eye.

I've gone from being lukewarm about this design to now finding it interesting, pleasing, and certainly a beneficial exploration of combining various artist made fabrics. obtain a closer look,these photos are clickable.

23.5" x 13"
Artist rusted and deconstructed screen printed fabrics, hand embroidered & bead embellished.

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Mary, I love this piece...what a beautiful composition and use of fabrics ...