Sunday, April 30, 2023


 Lately, I seem fixated on featuring a sun or moon in my work.  This new piece was just completed and is now available.

(Yes, Jackie in Colorado Springs....this piece sure speaks your colors, but perhaps not the subject.)   Hoping a follower will give it a home.

"BAMBOO" - 15" x 15"
Hand-dyed cottons, batiks, raw edge appliqué, background thread sketching, machine quilted. Double fold edging & hanging sleeve attached.

Click for closer view

Thursday, April 27, 2023


 Sneak preview of new piece....hummm....I seem to be creating a lot of pieces that include a sun or just happens.

Sunday, April 23, 2023


 The small towns in this area are the most charitable minded folks I've ever been around.  Recently, Canton, NC has seen its share of adversity.  About a year ago flooding of the Pigeon River caused several deaths and major destruction to a very large area, including downtown businesses.

About two months ago the paper mill which employees over 1,100 workers and has been in business for over 100 years announced its closure.  A shock to everyone.

The world renowned and award winning Bluegrass group, Balsam Range presented an outdoor concert in downtown Canton to raise money for the area's high school's scholarship fund.  This outstanding group is a huge supporter of the area's residents, and is especially associated with Canton where several of its members reside or grew up.

Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate, high winds and cold temperatures had us freezing in our lawn chairs!  The sound system was excellent though.  One of their most famous songs was written about the Canton's paper mill.....appropriately, the concert was across the street from the mill.  I've listened to it a thousand times over the years.

They opened their act with it.....and everyone cheered as the actual mill's whistle sounded as they began to play.  Hear it here...really do listen!!

 I can't seem to get blogger to embed a short video I did last night.....but please do click on the link above to experience a feel good story of a small town.  It was truly a night to remember and be grateful we live in this community area where neighbors really do help neighbors.

Thursday, April 20, 2023


 Our small fiber group (Fiber Frenzy) met at Kathie's this month.  We played with foiling.....not a method that fits into my style of work but always fun to participate and pass on my experiments to others that may be able to utilize them.

Judy found it will enhance her eco prints beautifully.

Kathie's new purchase had all of us pea green!!  Despite basically concentrating on creating small quilts, my machine quilting tasks are often so time consuming and physically demanding because I don't free motion quilt.  So I'm constantly turning the quilt every time the sewing direction changes.  

This Juki "Cutie", which I'd describe as a short long arm is fantastic.  After sitting down and playing a bit I was immediately comfortable and had good results.  The price is modest considering the cost of computerized long arm machines.  

The coolest thing was this free standing light tower.  I NEVER have enough light in my studio.  I'd LOVE to own one, sadly I don't have room, even for this small version nor is it in my budget.  Perhaps some of you will find this appealing.  It was purchased online from

Sunday, April 16, 2023


It's always inspiring to gather with fiber pals. Show and tell in this group always makes ya wanna run to your sewing machine and create.

Georgia Bonesteel shared this wonderful of her own designs, based on the cotton bolls.
She even piece a boll weevil in each clever....and the colors of the entire piece totally sing!
We were hosted this month at Lynne's home......believe it or not she lives in Flat Rock, NC.......but this is her view from her great room.  Stunning!!
Georgia's piecing and drafting skills always amaze us....(NOT that we are surprised at her talent).  She covered a beach ball with patchwork. which even includes a zipper!
Janice is another one of the skilled piecers in this group.  I just love how she used the brighter blue border to compliment the other colors.
This is Dort's son's wedding quilt.  Filled with happy images familiar to the couple.  Dort's picture quilts are truly prized.
Judy has been fascinated with eco-printing ever since our other small group (Fiber Junkies) explored the subject about 5 years ago.  She's gone deep into the deep she now even owns a heat press to speed up the foliage transfers.  Her knack of combining eco prints with other materials is to be envied.

I can hardly wait until next month's gathering.......

Friday, April 14, 2023


 I had the privilege of creating a custom piece for a couple's Asheville's condo.  They requested a Blue Ridge Mountain scene that included hikers. The challenge was the size: it needed to be at least 15.5" wide X 35" long.  However, the width could not exceed 26".  I worked on the piece nearly non-stop for 3+ weeks. It's now been delivered.  They LOVED it.!! It was so gratifying and fun to meet the buyers and see where my work will be hung.

HIKING TILL SUNSET - 19.5" x 38"

Wednesday, April 12, 2023


 After the winter's invigorating to create a colorful piece. 

"PAINT CHIPS" - 17.5" X 28"
Hand-dyed cottons, batiks, pieced and machine quilted.

Friday, April 7, 2023


I've utilized 'planned over' meals forever.......making twice the amount we can eat in one sitting provides another complete meal that only has to be, win.

I rarely have spare blocks in my quilt projects....probably because patchwork sewing is not a method I use all that much.  In this case however, I purposely eliminated 4 blocks from the project shown here.  Of course most quilters would love having some "planned over"  blocks, but I can honestly say these are the only ones in my stash and probably will be the only ones.  But not for long because.........

Not wanting to waste good hand dyed fabrics, I subcut the blocks, added black strips and came up with this design.  The jokes on my....because after it was all finished I decided I liked it better in the vertical position, even though it was created horizontally.

Thursday, April 6, 2023


 Urban living is not for me......the open air & solitude of our rural setting is just so darn peaceful.  However, that doesn't mean there aren't drawbacks to living 20 minutes one-way from buying a carton of milk.!!  There are many.  One personal negative is NO pizza delivery........yup it's my favorite comfort food!!

So, what's a gal to do when she wants pizza, esp. on her birthday??  Of course make it herself......yes, it was yummy.....