Friday, June 1, 2012


In early April I became a student for a two day workshop with Chad Hagen....loved every minute of her resist dye wool felt workshop.  

Happily I came away with a nice stack of dyed felt which are all (for me)  challenging designs to work with.  This is my first...

 As you all probably do too.......I begin by pulling materials that might work into the piece....
Some materials made the cut, others didn't.  And the 'others' may have been auditioned, stitched and then removed. That's the way these things go! 

This type of background stretches my design skills and I usually don't know where I'm going till I try.....and try again... 

Even though it was developing slowly......there was no spark.  So, I experimented trying out several color choices (using both beads and threads).  In the end, black seemed to work best.

I kept wanting to embellish the blue areas with beads, but all that did was mask the interesting aspect of the dyed sections.  Ultimately, I added random hand stitching, using two stands of a heavy rayon thread.

As the project developed.....this was the 'working' orientation. 

But now that it's finished....I'm thinking this is better?  What do you think?? 
Due to the size, I'm planning on mounting it for it's smart to know which way I want it to hang before I begin!

**UPDATE....well, I went ahead and decided to use this vertical view.

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Laryna's Creative Fiber Craft said...

Love the colours <3 Beautiful work!