Monday, October 31, 2011


I'm not sure why I persist frustrating myself with these attempts in abstract design.  It does not come easily to me at all.  But, perhaps that's the point.....there'd be little growth if one stuck to the same style all the time!

After attaching the stone, I've now gone back and removed some of the dangles which were beginning to overpower it.  Next, I rethought the sizes/shapes of the splashes of color to be added.

Because the edges of the top section will need to be finished due to the machine grid lines, I'm also starting to think about how those edges will be covered.. 

And, here you can see beading has been incorporated to the right side.


One final splash of color helps to balance the design.  However, I'm less than satisfied with the beadwork surrounding the small patches.  Yesterday I decided to sleep on it and this morning my opinion is still lukewarm.  Let's see what the day brings.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Digging through my embellishment stash I came across several polished flat stones.....I'm not even sure where they came from but am happy to attempt to incorporate one of the larger ones into a small felted wool project.

 The background has been stabilized and textured with simple machine quilting.

Using a variety of bead styles, the stone begins its transformation (and of course as a means to attach it to the work.)

 ....after some embellishing has been added.....

.....I think the embellishing of the stone is complete....maybe.  Next, other elements will be incorporated...still allowing for some negative space, yet providing a few more spots of color.  Let's see how this develops.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hope those of you with pets are all costumed up by now....if not, here's some final inspirations.

Then it's back to sewing related posts!!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Words escape me......just enjoy!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Have you come up with a really great Halloween costume idea yet?  It's only days away but these pet lovers are ready......

Thank you to my SIL for some truly inspiring ideas......

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Do you work in clutter? 

 Often when beginning a new project, especially those pieces that don't yet have a defined direction.....suddenly I find heaps of materials overloading my work surfaces as I've shuffled from one concept to another.

 It gets worse after I bring out the beads.....and begin auditioning trinkets, beads, baubles.....

Finally, after much color palette and design direction begins to take shape.  Obviously, that's subject to change.....but it's such a relief then to be able to clean up the mess so I can concentrate on the work.  

I can tolerate clutter for only short periods of I'm admittedly a very organized person and kinda of a neat freak......  

So what about to you approach working on a project??

Monday, October 24, 2011


 FIRST.....Yeah.....Go Packers!!!  Still undefeated......

Over the weekend, we watched two really interesting documentaries.  One was, 'Welcome to Macintosh', about the creation of Apple.  We bought our first Apple11e in the late 1970's and have owned probably every model since then...usually several at a time.  Though of course with Steve Job's passing recently, many news organizations have featured the background of this company....this documentary was so interesting and worth the time.

The second one is called 'Waste Land", the story of Vik Muniz's project, 'Pictures of Garbage'.  This exhibit was shown at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio in 2009.  It earned over $250,000 which was donated to the 'pickers' who help to recycle garbage in Brazil.

Here's Vik at the world's largest landfill.  The brightly shirted workers are picking through the garbage to collect any item that can be sold for recycling.  This is how they earn their meager living.  Unlike most of us, recycling is not mandatory, nor often even available.

This movie had an enormous impact on me.  It was a reminder of just how good my life my advice to myself.......shut up, quit complaining!!  The pickers live in these shacks....the environment is beyond belief.

Vik's project was to utilize materials that could be recycled, using them to recreate photo images he took at the landfill.   The art is HUGE.......  He expertly photographed each completed piece for his exhibit....before the materials found their way back for recycling.  Every item of this artwork was initially garbage!

Enjoy these amazing images and consider viewing this documentary about how art touched the lives of some proud, hard working people.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


The mini redecorating continues......happily my container diving in my storage closet yielded some tan/white heavy cotton ticking fabric.  I'm not sure what I had in mind for this 6 yard piece, certainly not a quilt backing as I incorrectly remembered....this stuff is the weight of a lightweight denim.

 Which turned out to be the perfect material for my project.  Years ago we had the most wonderful Golden Retriever....who slept in our room on the floor at night.......but always snuggled up next to the bed which often soiled the bed skirt.  I'm a rather picky housekeeper so that drove me nuts.  

Removing the mattress to get at the box spring portion of the bed in order to take off the bed skirt, wash it, and replace it was a CHORE.  One I hated I don't mind adding!

So, I came up with a nifty method for this task which involved making my own bed skirt panel (and obviously then being able to utilize any fabric I wished)!  

Here's how:  
- Measure the 'drop' of the bed skirt......from the floor to the top of the box spring + about 2".  Also, measure the length you will need to go around 3 sides of the bed, adding about 12" to turn the corners.
- Cut your chosen fabric to measure the required 'drop' of the skirt and the total length required to cover all 3 sides of the bed.  Serge the short sides together.
- Next, serge the entire length of this long panel of fabric, do both sides.
- Turn about 1/2" of the bottom edge to the wrong side, pressing & pinning as you go.
-  Machine stitch to finish the hem.
-  Press well and are finished.

 You'll need upholstery screws/anchors to secure the bed skirt to the top of the box spring.  They are available at any full service fabric store.

Slide the mattress slightly to one side to allow access to the box spring.  Starting at the head of the bed, position the end of the bed skirt to fit along the side of the bed, secure to the box spring with an upholstery screw.  Continue along this side, securing about every 8 inches.  

At the corner, make a box pleat, you'll need to use more screws to hold it in place.  (Move the mattress again as necessary.) Then work your way along the foot end of the bed.  At the next corner fold another box pleat into position.  Continue as directed until you reach the end at the 3rd side of the bed. 

Using a long panel is an easy way to customize the look of your bedding and without having to remove the mattress!!   If desired, double the length of the panel then gather or pleat it. (Secure with machine stitching before positioning it along the bed.)

Hope you find this helpful and perhaps it will encourage you to do a little makeover for your bedroom.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Last night we had our first official frost of the hiss.....

However, the timing was in line with what I've been doing.  It's time to remove the summer lightly colored quilt from our bed and replace it with cozy faded blue looking utilitarin quilt.

Projects like this never entail something as simple as a single switch out.....oh noooooo!!  Once I got the quilt on the bed I decided our crisp white pillow cases were out of place.  So  I began making pillow cases....naturally I didn't have enough of any one fabric. 

But that's okay, because mixing it up echos the flavor of the quilt anyway.
3 done, 3 to go.....


Will that be the end of the mini redecorating?? I see that the bed skirt should be replaced as well......  I'm heading into my storage closet shortly to do some container diving to see if I can find enough yardage of something that will work.  I sort of, kind of remember a tan ticking hunk I had been saving for a backing.....fingers crossed.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


So......I'm driving down the interstate this morning...heading into Asheville to pick up my pal Sue Nickels for some girlfriend time.  Sue was in town to present a lecture and workshop for the Asheville Quilt Guild.  The last time we taught together we made plans for her to stay an extra day to see the sites.  The timing was good, the leaves still sparkle with color.

 Probably foolishly.....I grabbed my camera to snap this picture when I noticed what someone wrote in the dirt on the back of this truck.  It says:  Packers Super Bowl again!!  And on the the right side.......The Bears Still Suck......  This was definitely written by a long time Packer fan.....we are not fans of the Bears. (Sorry Bear fans).

I know this may be a lame subject to post....BUT realllly.....I got a tremendous kick out of seeing it.

We spent the morning at the historic Biltmore estate, a must see for anyone coming to this area. It's a chilly day here in the mountains, which fit the mood of the activities of the house perfectly.  Worker bees were busy beginning the huge task of decorating the 'house' for the holidays.

As we were departing, we were asked to drive slowly and be aware of crews in and along the road.  Why we asked??  Because they are filming a movie....  cool.... 

We couldn't linger to take photos.....but here's a glance out of my car window of one of the two huge wind machines that were blowing leaves into a pond.....we have no clue if they were actually filming or preparing for a scene..... 

The movie is 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green'....when we asked who was in it....they said 'nobody'....and after a pause, this kids says....oh ya....Jennifer Gardner but she's not here right now.  

Okay....this may be a lame subject too.....but getting out and about.....heck you never know what you'll see.