Friday, May 25, 2012


Two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting, Dominique Ehrmann, a Canadian quilt artist to whom (as a judge for the Vermont Quilt Festival) I awarded several ribbons.  I was smitten with her work.....everything from the design to the exquisitely executed construction.

I was so fortunate to have several experienced teachers mentor me as I began my career on the quilting highway.  The best thanks I can give to those friends such as Doreen Speckmann, Pat Campbell, Libby Lehman, and Sharyn to pass their kindness along....

So in that spirit.....Dominique and I have kept in touch.  She's shared her new masterpiece recently....but I've promised to keep in under wraps until she gave me the word.  

The word she got was BEST OF SHOW at Salon 2012 - Quebec Provincial Quilt Show.

 The piece is titled Sweet Memories......I'm sorry this full picture is so small.....I can't seem to enlarge it w/o losing clarity. Dominique shares my love of 3-D applique and embellishing.  Her work actually provides a shadow box appearance....think of the complexity that type of construction requires!!  I can't imagine how much time went into this's simply awesome.

Here's a detail......if you click will be directed to her photo site which will make your eyes pop as you view the quilt.

Congratulations are on your way....

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