Thursday, May 24, 2012


Sure....I go and pull the materials to begin another small piece to work on in my didn't take long to realize....nope.....this will be another hand work piece!

Silly me....  So it too goes on the back burner, awaiting evening sewing time.  However, the size of this painted fabric is just right to qualify as a donation piece for AAQI's  Priority Quilt fall sale in Houston.  My goal is to make several pieces to donate this year.

Of course it doesn't look like much so far.....but there's a bit of comfort for me knowing the materials are selected,  the piece is prepared for sewing and several components are positioned and ready when I am.
Note the machine stitching across the's a trick I use to mark guide lines for beading AND to provide extra stability. I avoid using typical marking tools for numerous reasons.  (a.) I don't wash my work so visible markings can't be removed (b.) most removable products like chalk or using soap slivers (on a fabric such as this) either don't show up well enough or rub off too quickly as I work.

This piece of gauze was spray painted at a recent Fiber Junkie gathering. Toward the end of our day together, we started mixing leftover paints to use them up.  I can see this one has a bit of glitz mixed in.....what a surprise to find a use for even a small amount of this fabric.....I couldn't imagine how on earth I'd use it.  Just worthwhile experimenting can be!


Frances Arnold said...

Mary, maybe you need to come the realization that you ARE a hand-stitcher!!!

Cant wait to see this quilt progress.

Robbie said...

Great tip on the machine stitching a line for beading! Who knew!! Mary knew!!! thanks for that!

Mary Stori said...

Frances.....I do believe you are right!! It's helpful to hear this realization from others!

Beth said...

Can't wait to see this piece finished, Mary! Thanks so much for all you do for AAQI!