Thursday, May 3, 2012


There was actually time in my day yesterday to make a little progress as I began to combine deconstructed screen printed fabrics with some rusted material.  (You can't imagine just how much time this new [dog] member of our family consumes....or can you??  AND.....the whole idea was for 'the husband' to have a dog and the work...not me!!)

 Here's what I decided......the blocks are now surrounded with some lightweight burlap I'd previously rusted.  Don't forget all these photos can be enlarged...just click on them.
I enjoy spending the evenings doing hand work......this foliage image, which was transferred during the deconstructed screen printing process, was outlined by couching metallic thread.
 To highlight some of the rust areas, I used hand embroidery and bead trails.
 Although these semi-sheer pieces appear white, they were actually 'coffee dyed' before hand stitching them to the background.

So far my efforts haven't really added much pizazz to the piece.....more will be required, but I want to be careful to keep it simple and not overdue....letting the fabric speak instead.

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