Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Life in rural North Carolina can provide one the opportunity of seemingly stepping back in time 100 years.

Our friends Lee & Janet (thank you for these photos) invited us to join them as  born and raised local friends of theirs guided us to one of the most beautiful places I've experienced....and all without getting on an airplane!

No one can really explain the many 'balds' found in this area.  Apparently they are natural grassy mountain tops, and not the result of clear cutting timber.  We visited one this weekend for a picnic outing.

One or two turns off a state highway, many roads here become twisty mazes, with a surprise around every turn.  One can't just turn up a dirt road willy nilly though as many are private and folks do not look kindly upon strangers wandering their properties.

Our new friend has permission from the land owners of this private bald to pass through the 4 closed gates, driving up what in many places are simply rock strewn and water eroded cattle paths.  What you see here is the best part of the road!

We crawled, not going more than probably 2 mph for about 30-40 mins. and still didn't reach the top.  It became apparent we shouldn't try to go any further so the last 20 mins. was on foot.

 This was our reward....
One lone huge rock was the only thing that interrupted the landscape.  Someone had left a ladder on the back side for adventure seekers to use.

No matter where you live.....there are surely places that will provide a moment or two of ahhhhhh.  Grab some friends and enjoy them together.

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SuZeFashion said...

What breathtaking views!