Friday, June 30, 2023


Oh how I love creating art quilts!!  I realize we are still in the midst of summer, but we also know how fast this season disappears......this is piece is ready now for your consideration...

                                                               AUTUMN - 13" x 13"

Mary Stori wood grain cotton print, designed for Kona Bay Fabrics. Artist ice-dyed cotton leaves, machine appliquéd, machine quilted & secured in a black wood frame without glass.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023


 Usually I'm driven to complete a project, but I'm actually trying to slow down and simply enjoy playing with fabric while I can! Savoring the experience.......

There will be more, but for's the start of adding some leaves growing along a wooden structure.  

Sunday, June 25, 2023


 Feeling in limbo, not wanting to start a big project knowing it will be on hold during my upcoming shoulder recovery period....having something started and sitting there and not being able to work on it would drive me over the edge!  

So....I decided to organize my fabric closet. I abandoned that task rather quickly when I came across a bag of fabric I designed years ago for Kona Bay. It consisted of brick, shingles, & wood prints. Next thing I know, I was working on a small piece that will be framed....feels so good to be creating!! 

Monday, June 19, 2023


 Finishing this piece before my upcoming shoulder surgery was unexpected.  However, after days of making book covers, I was ready to dig into this project.

The size was purposeful.....making it just right to hang over a sofa, above a dining room buffet, an entrance or stairwell wall.  

All too often the length of my larger wall art pieces are simply too long to work in these spaces.  Interested for your home??  Contact me.

LINES & SQUARES - 50” x 42.5”

Commercial cotton prints, machine pieced and quilted.

Friday, June 16, 2023


I have been getting very cold feet about my upcoming shoulder surgery....really....why am I going to go through that?!? All it took to shake that idea out of the way was a few hours of machine quilting on this piece. Oh I remember why it's not good to try to live with tears in one's rotary cuff!  

After a few days rest for the now again very aching shoulder, I'll add more straight line quilting between the original stitching. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2023


 Or should I say....making cloth book covers before my shoulder surgery halts sewing for awhile!  It seemed wise to bulk up my inventory while I had the chance.

Most of the French Provence fabrics (smaller books) were purchased by my cruise buddy/once student now good friend Jan VanderHill. She gifted these treasures
to me recently and I've had fun working with them. Also a nod to Doreen Speckmann, who created a line of similar prints for Cloth works many years ago.

Sunday, June 11, 2023

PTA - JUNE 2023

I no longer belong to organized quilt guilds, favoring smaller groups instead. PTA (Professional Textile Artists) is an invitational group of 14, though some for health reasons and new living locations are only to join us infrequently. We met this month at Dort's in Weaverville. All talking at once which is so typical. Good food, good conversations and always great friendship.  

Here's the outstanding show and tell:

First two by Janice Maddox who has such a knack with color/distribution and what I consider complicated patterns.
Lynne painting a background for a project she's working on.
Dort made this one and the following two.....I'm loving those circles!!

Barbara created this stunning black a white of those slice and dice of a completed block that makes me shake my head in amazement.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023


 High drama home and health issues haven't left much time for sewing....but I am focusing what little time I have to increase my inventory of covered books for my gallery. I'm going to MIA about for about 6 weeks starting mid. July....Rotary cuff surgery (unless I chicken out!!). Trying to prepare for the time I can't even brush my teeth, wipe my butt, cook, clean, sew, use my hand in any way......oh my......can I do this?!? 

Techniques dying on silk noil, mono-printing on canvas, appliquéd silk dupioni, quilted Japanese fabrics.