Tuesday, August 30, 2022


 A nearly 3 week break has been the longest I've EVER gone without creating a project.  Good to be back working!!!

Pulled out some of my mono printed cottons to piece a background.....subject not yet decided.....so many possibilities!!!

Monday, August 29, 2022


 In the past a large vegetable garden was a given for my household.  That is till we moved to the mountains where our rocky and poor soil made that out of the question.  However, being empty nesters, pots became more a more sensible choice for us.

I may have gone Southern!  Our tomatoes all ripened at the same time.  My buddy Carole posted her tomato recipe on her blog and it looked so tempting, check it out here.  I didn't have the ingredients on hand so I used Paula Deen's recipe instead.....both I'm sure are equally delicious.

But you can't take this Cheesehead out of Wisconsin totally....to accompany our meal we enjoyed 'Spencer Steaks' on the grill.  We have a large order of steaks and brats shipped to us twice a year from Sheboygan, WI -  Mieseld's Meat Market. Describing them as 'steak' is misleading....they are actually a tenderized steak...more like a minute steak.  And ooooohhhhh so much better.  I teamed mine with Wisconsin herb goat cheese.  

I still enjoy cooking, yet restrictions on input/calories can be a bummer as my age marchs on.  I'm back to sewing, Yeah.....body pretty much all healed so expect some creative posts soon.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022


 If asked, I'd respond my favorite color is blue....indigo blue specifically, followed closely by the color red.

Finally I look less like The Bride of Frankenstein post 3 weeks from my surgery and itching to 'do something'....'anything.'

Our Fiber Frenzy group gathered at Judy's for indigo dyeing yesterday......oh bliss.

Our accumulation of resists used to add texture/patterns.
A special shout out to our host Judy who had our indigo pot prepared as we arrived.....
I prepared my fabric into bundles at home which sped up the dyeing process.  As you can see here, some have had their dip and have already turned from green to blue as oxygen hits the fabric.....a few were beginning to turn.  
Here are my efforts drying.....foreground.....our usual refreshment!
Susan patterned two small pieces with wax the evening before.....I swooned when they came out of the indigo pot!!
Judy has been totally smitten with heat press eco printing. As is typical in any kind of printing/dyeing, not all pieces are to our liking.  Cleverly, she over-dyed a few of those pieces.....totally successful! 
Kathie too has been in an eco-print frenzy and did likewise as well as some traditional folded shibori type indigo dyeing.
Both Kathie (left) and Judy (right) dyeing scarves and discovered more patterns developed if they folded the fabric while wet, instead of wetting after folding.
Lunch time view of our achievements from Judy's porch........ 
......Where we were able to enjoy their beautiful gardens and long view of the mountains.

After spending nearly 3 weeks recovering prone on our couch watching trash tv, this day was such a treat, but boy was I pooped when I got home.  Next month....back to micro-wave dyeing......yeah....

Monday, August 15, 2022


 Slowly I'm getting back to my studio and feeling better each day. So pleased to complete this special art quilt.


 30.5” x 31.5”  © Mary Stori


Authentic vintage Three Cats Indigo discharge printed fabric

printed in England and South Africa using the original traditional copper rollers with patterns etched onto the surface.

Friday, August 12, 2022


Mark your calendars......

The historic Woolworth Walk Gallery will highlight the work of fiber artists Mary Stori and Judy Simmons in the FW Gallery for the month of September.  

Join the artists at the opening reception Friday, Sept. 2, 2022,    5-7 PM. at 25 Haywood St., Asheville, NC.

Mary created numerous pieces to celebrate fall mountain themes for display in the upper gallery. Several larger focal wall art quilts will hang from the stairwell railing, while a larger collection of her work will be hung in the lower level (space 235). Purchased pieces can be retrieved at the point of sale.

Mary's wall art quilts provide a diversity of style and construction methods, offering a fresh approach to the tradition of quilt making. Using various techniques, her work incorporates color, light, shadow, and texture, not unlike the features admired in other more familiar mediums that are displayed on walls. Visitors can delight in expanding their appreciation and understanding of art quilts.

BIRCH TREES  -  27" X 20"


Tuesday, August 2, 2022


 When this piece began, though far from my normal working style, I had positive hopes for it.  By the time it was assembled I no longer  felt that way. 

Analyzing it while pondering how to quilt the piece, I realize it was too disjointed (at least in my view).  But now that close straight line quilting has begun, which are joining all these elements I'm beginning  to feel more positive.