Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It's fairly rare to have all my current projects at the handwork stage.  Usually, I'm rushing around trying to get something started to the point of handwork, as the last one finishes.

My routine is to use my studio time for designing and machine work during any free time I have in the day.  The evenings are reserved for handwork.  Now that my Bookworm Gardens quilt is at the hand applique stage for a few more days at least.....I found myself again, looking at 'inspiration' fabrics for a quick start on something to work on in the studio.

 Buried in one of my many bead containers, was this string of uneven shaped stones.  My Mother had a huge collection of interesting costume jewelry and I'm guessing this piece was once hers.

The stone/beads may be too heavy to use on this hand painted fabric but I'm liking the look.
 Our Fiber Junkies small group recently painted a variety of fabrics.  The gauze piece on the left is one result.  It's fairly stiff which will be an advantage if I use it in this design.
Do you work like this too?  Hauling out piles of fabrics, embellishments, threads which will be edited down to a workable selection of treasures?  

Just like the resist dyed felted wool piece I shared yesterday....I have no clue where this will be going.  What I really need is a machine piecing project that will occupy my day studio time.  Most quilters probably have bags of pre-cut patches ready to begin that next quilt.....but not me.  I should just find a simple, fast pattern (cause I really am not fond of machine piecing).  One that will use up as much as possible of the flat folds in my closet, instead of dinking around with another piece that will surely turn into more hand work!

My plan for today was to shampoo our bedroom carpet.  However, it's foggy, damp, and I've already talked myself into putting it off for another day when windows can be opened for quick drying. 

Will it be door # 1 - the painted fabric  or door #2 - patchwork?  Let's find out....


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Live dangerously and open Door Number 3!

The Idaho Beauty said...

You have the same work schedule as I do - relegating the handwork to evenings. Except right now I have one piece I must finish that is all hand quilting and find I must break that mindset that hand quilting is only for evenings. I usually have more than one thing going at different stages too. But right now I just can't think about anything but that hand quilted piece! And yes, it's amazing how much stuff I have to get out on the work table when launching into a new idea. One designs by contrasting, I've decided. Even the "I really don't think so" fabric or embellishments get an audition just in case but usually just to confirm the validity of my other choices. Good luck as you ponder the beginnings of these projects.