Thursday, February 25, 2021


 With galleries still not fully open, I'm continuing to reduce my inventory directly through my social media. The special prices on my blog shop with free shipping will remain in effect through Feb. 28th.

The 3 pieces listed in this post have been meticulously stitched and wrapped onto a canvas covered display frame. All my canvas framed pieces are fully finished with fabric backing as shown in the photo example below. The pieces can be hung on a wall or displayed on a table top easel. (Easel not included)

"FOCUS ON NATURE" - 14" x 11" - $98. A colorful textured covered handmade work of art. This unique piece began with the artist's deconstructed screen printed silk noil, embellished with hours of hand beading, hand embroidery, and features a beaded cage & fringe surrounding a beautiful agate.


"PURPLE AGATE" - 10" x 8" - $98. A unique hand-made work of art. This visual treat begins with artist's made marbled cotton fabric, embellished with hours of hand beading, embroidery, and features a bead caged agate.

Back view
Side view

"WAVELENGTH" - 10" x 8" - $75. Lovely soft color with subtle details are the features of this unique hand-made work of art. The piece began with my ice-dyed wool, embellished with hand beading, hand embroidery, and features an elaborately beaded/fused/embossed pottery disc.

Free shipping on these pieces through March, 2021. Payment via Paypal or other options can be discussed. All pieces will be very carefully packaged and shipped via USPS, the next business day whenever possible. Smoke free home, US sales only.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021


A pile of surface design materials provided a fun day as they became the focal image for notecards.  Did I ever tell you all......I'm never bored! 

Sunday, February 21, 2021


 After a couple days experimenting to develop a less stressful wet-felting method for my aching shoulder, I've found success. Here are three new pieces. The sea glass is actually 'beach glass' from the shores of Lake Michigan thanks to my SIL.  

The pieces average in size from about 3.5" tall to 4-6" wide at the base. Now available.


 Here are some visual results of a few of my inspirations. I'm a high energy and antsy person, who loves to explore different subjects, mediums, & themes. I admire artists who find a path that satisfies them which generates recognizable work/style. That USED to be me when I was all about embellishing art quilts. Perhaps the older I get the more I need to discover what else I can create.  

Fabric inspiration - deconstructed screen printed, ice-dyed, Indigo dyed fabrics - the restful colors of blue/white with a splash of green. 

"Remembering Frank Lloyd Wright" - 24" x 22" 



Fabric inspiration - energetic warm colors of hand-dyed fabrics 

"Pick Up Sticks" - 32" x 32" AVAILABLE HERE

Inspiration - workshop/tour project - I designed this for students to make (and learn numerous beading techniques) while on one of my Hawaiian Quilt Tours.

"Hawaiian Moo Moo" - I regularly honored and spoofed my Wisconsin heritage by creating whimscial Holstein Cow designs.  

Inspiration - a group challenge - postage stamps

"Bluegrass Forever" - 42" x 32" - I'm a huge Bluegrass fan.

What inspires you?? The more you create the more inspiration you'll motto has always been: 'Mistakes are merely design opportunities, forcing one to experiment and grow, making an ordinary quilt, extra-ordinary."

Saturday, February 20, 2021


 Quite often I'm asked where my ideas/inspirations come from.  Here's what I shared with students and audiences during my presentations.....

 Most of the time a piece of fabric that I've dyed/printed, a title, phrase, or theme will grab my attention. I don't create work to express political statements, social significance and they aren't derived from dreams either. Others do that very well.

My space at Woolworth Walk and my own online gallery exemplifies the wide variety of subjects that I've explored.  Many artists have a singular style, I guess I'm too antsy to get too repetitive, though there is something positive about pushing one subject/style to see where it will take an artist.  However, I much prefer creating lots of different types of art.  I know this overview really didn't provide a specific answer so my best advice for a beginner is just to start....the more you make the more possiblities you'll recognize.

I'll be gathering some images to share in an upcoming post to  illustrate some examples.  One thing I do know, I'll never be bored.

Thursday, February 18, 2021


I'm fortunate to have such a visible spot to display my larger art quilts. These three are hung from the inside entrance railing to greet customers.

If a piece strikes your fancy, connect with me or contact the staff at Woolworth Walk Gallery, downtown Asheville, NC.  It's not necessary to visit in person, purchases can be made direct through Woolworth Walk the staff can also ship you the piece.  On behalf of all local artists & small businesses, we thank you for your support.  I'm happy to send more details and additional photos if desired (Woolworth staff can as well.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2021


 The felted decorative vessels/vases I recently posted and sold immediately, generated numerous inquiries.  So, let me steer you where you can find a few more for sale.  

For locals to Asheville, NC........visit my space on the lower level of Woolwork Walk, Gallery downtown to view other options in person. Everyone else can email them - or call (828) 254-9234 and one of the helpful staff can arrange to have one sent to need to come in person. Here are three more that are currently on display.

(I was there this morning and they are available right now.) Maroon with Lake Superior beach stone $30, small blue, displayed here with weeds - $23, Blue/white beaded - $25

Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Wet felting is such an enjoyable, though time consuming method of creating many felted projects.

My product preference is wool roving.  Personally I think it felts faster but others prefer to start with a pre-felt or Merino Cross Cut Batt as seen above. The idea is that it allows you to quickly add a base layer, rather than layers of wool roving.  Yes, the layer is added quickly, but for me the actual felting of the layers seems to take longer.  Just my experience....others I'm sure will disagree. I purchase my supplies from Living Felt.  

For the decorative vessels/vases I make, the wool, whether roving or a Merino Batt, covers both sides of a round flexible plastic circle.  It's wet down with hot soapy water, covered with a netting, and worked with one's hand or a textured tool.  The idea is the water/soap and friction begin the process of getting the wool fibers to attach to each other. Once one side is prepared, it's turned over and wool is added to the other side, carefully making the sides of the circle nice and tidy and the same thickness. It's slowly worked at first, turning side to side....eventually when it begins to hold together the netting is removed and more rubbing, tossing, turning etc. continues.

When the fibers pull away from the plastic template, it's removed and  the project is now roughly worked until it shrinks and becomes dense.  I'm obviously providing only the cliff notes here.....this isn't intended as a how-to....  Rather it's just an overview of the process.

A vessel like this takes me a minimum of 2 hrs.  I stuff it with old napkins to help keep its shape while it dries for at least a day.

Once totally dry, I like to add extra touches such as this found stick and a piece of sea glass.

This vessel is a bit bigger and embellished with hand-dyed wool 'curls'.

I find these projects very satisfying, however as I suspected for the last 2's something sensibly I can no longer do.  My shoulder just can't handle the required workout to achieve a densely felted piece.

**** BOTH NOW SOLD. These two pieces will be added to my inventory for sale.  Perhaps I can figure out a way to avoid putting so much stress on my aging shoulder.... Hopefully they won't be the end of my production!

Wednesday, February 10, 2021


New work......I so enjoyed getting back to beading!!! 

                 CATCHING LIGHTNING BUGS  
                              Framed size - 18"x 14" 
                              Art work - 13" x 9"
Hand-dyed cotton, machine appliqu├ęd and quilted, hand beaded.  This piece is faced and not under glass. It's mounted on archival matte board and can be removed if desired.

Saturday, February 6, 2021


Staying at home for the last year, while in person shopping nearly stopped, has led to a larger than normal inventory.  If you've had your eye on a piece, now might be just the time to refresh the walls you've been looking at for the last year!!  


Thursday, February 4, 2021


 Ahhhh, back to handwork again....well mostly until I realized that an arms length away, the contrast of the motifs against the background fabric was great, BUT not 4+ feet away. I resorted to a little trick I occasionally use......outline the shape using a higher contrast thread. You'll be amazed how it allows the motif to 'pop'.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021


 It's difficult to stand out in the immense crowd of talented artists in the Asheville, NC area. I was delighted to be invited as a Featured Artist in the Sandhill Artists Collective. Check out the amazing work this group does. *** Sorry for the bad's now fixed!!

I enjoy creating a wide range of art quilt's two more not featured in the article. Both are available at Woolworth Walk, downtown Asheville, NC.

HAPPY PELICAN - 23.5" x 31.5"
NOIR ET BLANC - 60.5" x 60.5"