Thursday, November 16, 2023


 EARLY BLACK FRIDAY SALE.......... large price reduction on select inventory pieces, shipping not included in price. Will send the least costly manner. PayPal or

#1. DAISIES - 16" x 21.5" - NOW - $99.00
Pieced and appliquéd cotton prints, hand embroidered,
and machine quilted.

#2. SUN DAPPLED - 20" X 14.5" - NOW - $75.00
Artist ice-dyed & eco printed cotton, hand embroidered, machine quilted.

#3. WOODLAND FERNS - 27" X 14" - NOW - $55.00
Artist ice-dyed & discharged dyed cottons, machine quilted, hand embroidered.

#4. IMPRESSIONS - 12" X 11" - NOW - $50.00
Resist dyed felted wool, hand embroidered, beaded, machine quilted. Prepared for hanging with pockets.

#5. LINES - 11.5" x 17" - NOW - 50.00
Woolfelt & artist dyed/felted wool, hand embroidered. This piece is ready to hang but would also look fabulous framed with a white mat.

Monday, November 6, 2023


 I'm always so darn thrilled to see my work displayed in its new home.  

This one is especially dear to my heart as it is paired with artwork of Frank Duncan, featuring Alan Bibey's mandolin.  We are HUGE bluegrass fans and are delighted that Alan is now with our (local but super famous) bluegrass band:  Balsam Range.

My piece is "Blue Ridge Mountains On My Mind" - Artist hand ice-dyed cottons, Ultra-suede, hand stitched.  Wrapped on a canvas covered frame & secured in a black wood frame without glass.

It resides with a couple in South Carolina who are serious bluegrass fans as well.

Even if you don’t care for Bluegrass music……go to Youtube and watch this video….it will break your heart.  The Papermill, the main employer in the next town over, closed after over 100 years……read some of the comments to the video.  We went to an outdoor  benefit by this group… of our favorites (the fiddle player who is the main vocalist) lives just down the road from us.   It was right across the street from the mill….there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience when the group got on stage and the mill’s whistle blew………

Sunday, November 5, 2023


 Yet again I've been hanging out at Mission Heart Hospital in Asheville as 'the husband' has more work done to fix his body! This is often serious business so any reason to chuckle is one that sharing is in order.

The photo speaks for itself.....I thought this was hilarious!

Wednesday, October 25, 2023


New work, available now.....

WINTER BIRCHES - 13" x 13"

Acrylic mono-printed cottons, appliquéd, embroidered, and quilted. Wrapped onto canvas covered frame and secured in wood frame without glass.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023


Having great fun working with some of my mono prints! Since they are stiffer than traditional quilter's cottons, a 90/14 machine needle works best when adding thread textures.

In keeping with my current goal to keep my sewing sessions short while my shoulder recovery continues.....this will be a small framed piece. That doesn't mean it's a quickly completed project.......perhaps the deliberate pace helped to develop a well thought out design. Stay will be available very soon. 

Sunday, October 22, 2023


 A follower pointed out that my new quilt "Roots" - posted on Oct. 13th reminded her of my earlier embellished quilts....especially "Here Come The Hybrids' - 45" X 45". Made with commercial cottons and specialty fabrics, 3-D hand appliquéd, machine quilted, & mixed media embellishing. This quilt was published in my book, "The Stori of Beaded Embellishment", featured on back cover & page 42. It was also published in numerous magazine articles and traveled with the "Enchanted Garden" exhibit.

I've decided it's time to offer some of my well known quilts at affordable prices to folks who can enjoy them. If you are interested in owning this piece, DM me for further information.

Watch for more posts of available pieces.

                     Here Come The Hybrids - 45" x 45"

Wednesday, October 18, 2023


After several yucky days, we woke up to a picture perfect day.  As is typical in the fall, the interesting image of fog in the lower valley is visible.....almost appearing as a lake.  Today it will burn off before traveling up to us.

The leaves are changing almost overnight.....with the sun sparkling I decided to document this day, rather than wait till the weekend.

Enjoy the beauty of Upper Crabtree valley, in Clyde, NC.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023


 I've had an obsession working with silhouettes as a focus for my art quilts for quite some time. Additionally the continual use of a sun or moon sneaks in. Here are 3 - 13" x 13" framed pieces I made inspired by the theme. And of course my one time all consuming passion of beading everything that stood still!!  

The pieces are currently for sale and can be shipped direct to you. Contact for info if interested.

Sunday, October 15, 2023


 4th look at Fall approaching...we live in a mountain valley...near the end where there are mountains on 3's amazing to watch the fog roll in from below as a layer of gauze covers our small garden log cabin. The last photo is a view of the back end of the valley, where color is appearing almost overnight.  I've tried for 30 minutes upload a movie of the fog moving in.....blogger will not allow it to's so cool to see.

Friday, October 13, 2023

ROOTS's finished. "ROOTS" 18"X 18.5" - Featured fabrics are mostly Mono printed. Raw edge appliqué, hand embroidery, & quilted. Faced edges and fabric hanging sleeve attached. Available now...DM if interested.

ROOTS  18" X 18.5"