Thursday, January 16, 2020


My inventory was very short on wet felted bowls and vessels.....I'd been having a moratorium on that technique in order to (hopefully) allow my sore shoulder to recover without the recommended surgery!!
 So yesterday I began.....slowly......not that this is something I can do quickly anyway.  I believe some felt artists can work quite quickly....wonder what their secret is??  It is painfully slow for me, yet enjoyable.  Wisps of dyed wool roving are divided into small 'shingles' and layered, vertically and horizontally into my chosen shape.  Warm soapy water and elbow grease does the rest.
Did I say this was slow??  After nearly a full day.....I've only have 4 pieces drying to show for my time....but a lot of junk TV that has also been absorbed to further mush my brain if the crack I just did to my head wasn't enough.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


As you can see....I'm getting back into my normal drama be damned!  Here's a look at the majority of my space at Woolworth Walk Gallery (downtown Asheville, NC).  Did some housekeeping today....adding a ton more book covers, new quilts, and realizing I need to get back making more wet felted baskets!  It's never boring being a fiber artist.

Monday, January 13, 2020


No gloating here....just total relief.  Couldn't be happier to see a first year coach being rewarded by the team and of course Aaron being Aaron....we have much to be thankful for.  

Now, onto to the 49'rs....It won't be easy but I know the Pack will give them their all.  Breathlessly waiting for next Sunday night!

Saturday, January 11, 2020


Snow is expected Sat. Green Bay. Lambeau Field is a REAL football's outside!!!  700 volunteers are being requested for Sunday morning to clear the seats. 
Wouldn't it be great to have another ice bowl??

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


As they say, slow and steady....which is what it took to complete this piece while I recover from my health misery!  Feeling better each day....thank you everyone for your warm get well wishes....they truly meant a lot!

TWILIGHT IN THE MARSH - 27.5" x 22.5"
Deconstructed screen printed cottons, machine appliqued & quilted.

Friday, January 3, 2020


Yes, I'm still alive but still not well. I continue to struggle with the after effects of the 'mother' of all allergic reaction rashes which has covered every part of my body. In an effort to divert my attention, I got into the studio and played with some crane motifs that will be added to a patchwork of deconstructed screen printed fabrics. Energy so low I didn't get far, but it's a start!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019


It's been pretty much a silent (day) & night around here.  I've been one sick puppy compounded by fainting and doing some damage to the old body.  But that won't keep me down for long.....back soon....

Saturday, December 14, 2019


Gotta love those Packers!! The Packers are offering free hot beverages for fans attending Sunday's frigid Packers-Bears game.


Friday, December 13, 2019


I'll be dieting for a month after this week's round of holiday parties.  PTA's was held at Janice's home.  I'll try to make this brief as there was so much going on I had to pick and choose what to post.
 Dort generously gives each of us a small jar of her homemade mustard each year.  She's started a trend. Cathy passed out bars of luxury soaps for all of us and Barbara gifted everyone a nifty flashlight, featuring a magnet that allows one to attach to a refrigerator so you'll always know where to find it.
 We do a 'white elephant' gift exchange...some gifts are truly white elephants possibly destined to show up next year, others are more coveted items that are sought after. The order of selection is determined by drawing a number. Stealing gifts from another recipient when your number comes up makes it extra fun.
 Food and wine were plentiful, beginning with appetizers.
Show and tell was very limited but that doesn't mean it wasn't exceptional.  Marene made this stunning wall piece using a printed fabric panel purchased from Barbara Webster.

 Dort made this adorable little piece for a friend who adopted one of her cats that was having a difficult time transitioning to their new home.
 This is a commission piece she made of a home in Portland, OR.
 Now.....back to the gift exchange....Dort is our true mountain gal.....more than once she had to hop up and dig her handy small folding knife from her pocket to aid in opening boxes.
 This gadget is an example of an item that got recycled back to the group.  It's some sort of straight pin dispenser...which immediately fell over, spilling all the pins.  Remember the flashlight I mentioned earlier.....the magnet on the back  worked well to corral the pins.
 Many times there will be numerous items included with one cute is this bonus holiday sock coin purse!
 Dort recently moved out of their 1800's log home and uncovered long forgotten items in the process.  Georgia displays this Union suit undergarment...
 .....and a man's swimsuit which dates to about was a 'Speed Style" suit.
 Georgia has a habit of putting bows on her head at every party....and the funny thing is we are so totally used to it, she could have and gotten in her car to go home and we'd never think to remind her to remove it.

Ya gotta wonder....why two bras?  I guess one of our members ordered them and decided the fit wasn't right and yup....they ended up at our gift exchange where Marene went along with the fun.

That's all for now.....there's a lot more to share but I'll leave it to your imagination.  Hoping all you faithful readers are enjoying this wonderful time of the year, making memories with your buddies too.

Thursday, December 12, 2019


December wraps up another fun and educational year for the Fiber Junkies.  It's the first holiday party with new member Susan Webb Lee and the return of Denny Webster after an extended recovery period after her spinal fusion.  Sadly, it's also the first full year without our dear friend Val, a founding member of the Fiber Junkies who passed away last January.
 Show and tell was sparse this month.....I guess everyone was busy with Thanksgiving activities and getting prepared for Christmas.  However, Gen was able to find time to knit this adorable doggie sweater....cable stitching and all...can you believe it?!?
 Kate organized a small holiday project this month....fabric covered Styrofoam to resemble pine cones.
 She was inspired by this You tube video
Supplies are few.....sequin pins, Styrofoam eggs, and 1" fabric squares, sides folded to make a point at the top.
Gen (left) and Kate wearing cute holiday sweaters.
 Susan quickly got the hang of attaching the tiny fabric pieces to create this colorful pine cone.
 A sample of completed and nearly completed pine cones.
 Of course feasting is always a part of our gatherings, but none as yummy as a luncheon of all appetizers!!   As seen from top to bottom (and there was more not yet added to the table) -  artichoke/spinach bread bowl, mini meatballs, tortilla turkey/cheese/spinach roll ups, and delicious stuffed dates.
 Denny treats us every year with this spectacular and very realistic Yule Log made by a bakery in the Greenville, SC area.
You can see we weren't the least bit shy about digging into this yummy treat!

Our Jan. and Feb. 2021 dates are already in our calendars as we embark on year # 13 of Fiber Junkies.