Sunday, February 5, 2023

HARVEST MOON - new work

 I set out to create an art quilt, designed around a tree I drew, scanned, & cut with my Brother Scan N Cut machine.  This project was easily a three week commitment, concluding with a successful result.

If you'd like to give it a home, contact me directly.   Free shipping for a limited time.

HARVEST MOON - 19" x 15 -  © Mary Stori

Hand ice-dyed cottons & batiks, appliquéd motifs,

thread painting, hand embroidery, hand & machine quilting. 

Faced edges, fabric hanging sleeve attached.


Friday, February 3, 2023


A fiber group friend asked for my help getting started making landscape art quilts.  She's ready to add some handwork so I offered this tip, perhaps it can help you too.

 I developed this method years ago to keep hand embroidery, quilting, & beadwork distortion free. I ALWAYS work in a Qsnap frame....(square or rectangle) preferring to secure fabric on-grain rather than using a round hoop which stretches the bias. 

The addition of a (homemade) fabric sleeve (or more than one if the project is small) is used to pin and hold the edges secure.  This provides stability when your stitching reaches the very outside edge of a piece.


Thursday, February 2, 2023


 A local friend who doesn't belong to any of my groups has often asked to bounce construction/design ideas off me.  Honestly, I'm flattered and happy that all the knowledge I've gathered for so many years can be passed on.

She surprised me with this knit and then felted scissors case.....isn't it terrific??  Thank you Arlene!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Between head banging trying to figure out my new Brother Cut n Scan machine, time has been spent creating a background for a new project that will feature a machine cut tree. 

Though I normally use my own hand-dyed fabrics, this piece uses a combination of commercial and my ice-dyed cottons.  As is typical for my landscape art quilts, it is constructed on a stabilizer.....(Pellon non-fusible light weight)

Finally, I managed to cut a usable tree!!  


A few clouds are just the beginning of the many additions I'm planning on adding.....stop back to see how this develops.

Monday, January 30, 2023


 My quest to understand this new tool (Brother Cut n Scan) continues.  I now know though the machine can see and scan thin channels like branches, that doesn't mean it can cut useable ones.  

The tree was cut.....but in most skinny areas, it simple fell apart. 

This one was better (not my first attempt LOL)

Monday, January 23, 2023


Yeah!!! So happy to have finished art quilt #2 in 2023....a fun whimsy way to begin the year and ignore the rather wintery January weather we've been having.


Appliquéd cottons, embroidery, & machine quilted. 

Bound edges.  Fabric hanging sleeve.

Friday, January 20, 2023


 Talk about a learning curve.....I'm embarrassed to share just how long it took for me to scan and cut two words of text and 1 skinny tree using my new Brother Scan n' Cut machine. None of the steps are least for me. As the photos indicate - my first cutting was a total failure. Leading me to learn how to mirror image the scanned words, make them larger, & create more space between letters......

I still can't figure out why my line drawing of the skinny tree scanned correctly but after saving, only a few lines showed up. Over and over I repeated the process.....finally after retracing it on new paper it worked. But the cutting was a mess....maybe the motif branches were too narrow. So at the end of the day I accomplished what I set out to what I thought would take an hour!! Persistence!!

Monday, January 16, 2023


 It's rare to learn who purchases one of my pieces from the gallery....although sales directly from me fill in those blanks.  To actually see where they now reside is a true gift.  Learning the story behind the new owner's passion for a specific piece is even better.  That an inspiration I had converts to such happiness is a thrill.

From the buyer who has purchased a number of pieces from me over the years: 

 "Once I saw that art quilt, I just KNEW it was mine. It was a treat for me to spend 2 weeks in the summer at my grandmother’s farm.  If I wanted to play with the tenant’ s daughter, I had to help her with her chores.  One of them was plucking the chickens.  From that, a collection was born with your art quilt the last addition.

Thought you’d like to see the quilt in its’ new home."

From Mary:      Thank you for sharing with my followers.......and I know we can all say....we love your collection of funky chickens!

Saturday, January 14, 2023

ALMOST HEAVEN - new work

Once I got the evergreen boughs cut, I became obsessed and in a finishing mode.  So my first art quilt of 2023 is now complete!

                                                 ALMOST HEAVEN

26” X 17” © Mary Stori

Artist hand ice-dyed cottons & batiks, appliquéd, 

thread stitched, & densely quilted by machine. Edges finished with hand stitched double fold binding. Fabric hanging sleeve attached.

This piece will be in my home inventory for the time being.  If interested contact me directly.  

Thursday, January 12, 2023


Unlike many quilters, I don't embrace all the new tools that flood the shops & shows.  Seems there is a nifty specialty ruler introduced every week.  

My Christmas gift from son/family was a Brother Scan n' Cut machine.  Our small Fiber Frenzy group was introduced to it in the fall and I could really see how helpful it would be for me.

Now, my head is spinning thanks to my pal Kathie who gave Judy Simmons and me a comprehensive lesson on our new Scan n' Cut Brother machines. much to learn. Both of us did videos as we went through the many options of the machine....lots of stops/starts talking over each other & mistakes that helped us learn. 

I came home with evergreen boughs to add to my new landscape art quilt. Here's a sneak peak which of course needs to be appliquéd before adding final touches to the art quilt.