Friday, May 18, 2012


It seems as if there is a BBQ joint on every corner here in Western North Carolina.....  Friends of ours raved about this we headed to Flat Rock, NC to Hubba of only 30 wood fired smokehouse's in North Carolina.

Another thing that makes this restaurant unusual is that there is no indoor seating.  You'll want to visit on a nice day, although there are several covered areas for dining.

 BBQ is not a favorite of I got excited when I saw smoked fish tacos on the menu.......then disappointed to learn it's served only on Friday and Saturdays.
 The decor is charming....lots of corrugated tin, stacked stone walls, brick walk ways and folk art!  Here my friend Janet is trying to avoid being in the picture.....naturally I couldn't resist documenting the painted wood cow scene.
 There were several amusing metal sculptures scattered about.  As you'd expect...there were some pigs, unfortunately I don't have the hang of photo taking with an iPhone yet so that didn't turn out.
This one is a little difficult to was huge....I'd guess at least 12 foot tall, perched on a tree.  If you get there, look at the top of their smoke stack vent for a gigantic chicken!  Hubba Hubba is a charming place to spend time outside munching on good food.  I recommend trying the sauted coleslaw....for me it was a new way to prepare slaw and very tasty. 

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