Monday, May 14, 2012


As I work through the design process for the memorial quilt I'm making to honor my brother....a gift for Bookworm Gardens, it occurred to me that since this organization was created to encourage children to enjoy reading.....well...

......yes, well.....perhaps some lettering on the quilt would be appropriate.

I have a number of lettering stencils, purchased at a teacher's supply store.  These are my favorites.  There are 4 alphabet styles and 2 number styles.

  I audition shape & size, using the cardboard letters, before moving to the preparation of fabric applique pieces.

 After making the letters using different solid colors, 'the husband' wandered into the studio and suggested instead of the word READ, I might consider READING instead.

I jumped on it......but then after looking at it for a day.....I realized it sounded incomplete....
 Those fabric letters came off and the cardboard letters came back out for another audition.  This time I used "Pick a Book", a term I had scribbled down on my list of 'ideas' for this quilt.

Clearly the size was too large for the space....which meant a trip back to the lettering box to locate a smaller font.

This should work better.....ya, I spent/wasted a lot of time on my first attempt....but getting it right is more important than having to do it over!  It's a lesson that can be overlooked by us enthusiastic quilters in our drive to 'get it done'.  Try to think of your project as a marathon, not a works for me.

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