Tuesday, April 30, 2024


I've been putting as many hours as my knees can handle standing......the reorganizing I did with my fabrics was worth it....made for slightly faster fabric selections for this big commission. But we all know there's really nothing fast about this process.

Some hand basting has been done and lots of pinning which I suspect will be an issue as I can feel the flannel is getting pinned at times too. Everything will be hand basted and then machine appliqu├ęd. There will be lots of details, trees, clouds, 'smoke' from the mountains", textured grasses, etc. Then dense quilting....you know the routine......I easily have a month of work ahead of me.....if not more.
More smiling here these days.....thanks for hanging with me!

Saturday, April 27, 2024


HURRAH!!!! Let there be light.....Our cutie pie electrician and I decided 3 of the 4ft - 5000K Daylight LED lights were sufficient.....'the husband has now claimed the other three for his garage!

AND, I now have a dedicated outlet for my iron. And with my newly installed design wall I'm raring to get working on my commission. It's been a long road, but I learned a lot and the goals were achieved.

There is still some rearranging to do in the studio ....I tried to find a folding table the right length and height to place on the back side of my sewing cabinet to provide more space for quilting/sewing bigger pieces like the one I'm working on. (I was very spoiled with my previous set up). Despite an extensive search, none worked, so I came up with the idea of using my ironing board that could be adjusted to the perfect height and it was already a good length. Bought a 2nd one to press on.

The location of the new outlet isn't ideal but I think with some rearranging I can make it work. So, NO drama to whine about today....Beautiful blue skies, going to get up to 75 today. Sooty is beginning to adapt and I have a report coming up about an art quilt group that allowed me to come as a guest and then extended an invitation to join them......it's really what I need. "The husband" and I are totally sick of each other's company!! 

Thursday, April 25, 2024


 I urge you to jump over to my Facebook page and catch up on the saga I've had creating a design wall for my new tiny space....plus trying to get better lighting, and finally the ability to have an iron going (even without anything else on) without the breaker popping.

As I mentioned last post, seems so many have abandoned blogs, (but I still prefer this format.....I'm way too chatty for Facebook posts.).......but to reach an audience I had to slowly move over there......

I appreciate my long time followers....hope you will consider reading what I have to say there... I will try to update here from time to time.......getting settled here in CA has left me with zero free time. 

However I have a large commission and with the above goals accomplished in a day or two I should start sewing again.

Sunday, April 21, 2024


 I know it's been too long......so much has happened since we began our cross country drive to CA.  Can't say we are settled yet....fish out of water is more like it.  Having a difficult time adjusting to urban living.

AND...then two weeks ago I took a terrible fall....thankfully nothing was broken but have serious contusions and married to a walker and an immobilizer brace.

Moving has been overwhelming.....despite selling and donating a ton of stuff....we still have and moved too much here.

The biggest change for me is having 1/5 of the studio space I enjoyed previously.  I'm now in a dark tiny bedroom.....with a nice closet but still way smaller than my needs.  It's slowly getting organized and we are addressing the lighting issue.

I wanted to update my blog and alert you that I will generally be posting now on Facebook.  I actually prefer the blog format better but so many have abandoned blogs and blog reading that it makes more sense to have just one place where I can be found until we get more settled and I have anything fiber related to share.  After all this is and always has been a quilt blog.  So hop over to my Facebook page and read on.....  I'll be back here as soon as I can.