Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It's time to start a new project.....I've been shuffling around a stack of fabric to incorporate into a piece that features one of the deconstructed screen printed fabrics I made on one of our Fiber Junkies play days.

As I recall, I used some foliage and a piece of bubble wrap for the motifs. There were 4 screen pulls on one length of are seeing the 2nd one.  Each time more dye releases from the screen....which alters the appearance of the printed design.

 I isolated some of the more interesting areas and framed them with some dark brown linen fabric.

 All the while I'm what are you going to do with these little framed pieces?  Ya gotta start I pulled out a hunk of lightweight burlap material that I had rusted, along with some rusted heavy cording.

It didn't send me to the I hauled out some units I had started and left in another pile as that idea fizzled.  Nope...this isn't a good plan either.

Hummm...have I been working with felted wool so long that I can't 'see' what other fabric options have for me these days?  Let's see if I get a 2:00 AM idea!

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