Sunday, May 20, 2012


Several hours in the studio yesterday yielded a finishing treatment on the rusted/deconstructed screen printed piece.'s still unnamed....which is fairly unusual for me.....most often a name comes to me first, which can help channel the direction of the quilt.

Traditional quilt bindings are good candidates for my work (with the exception of my felted wool pieces).  This treatment not only helps to visually frame, it also provides support for the edges. Why is support necessary??  You guessed it.....for the beadwork that generally surrounds my quilts!

In this case however, a narrow facing was my choice.  The cleaner appearance seemed to suit it the best.

As suspected, due to the open weave nature of the rusted burlappy material, some unevenness occurred along the edges.  It was a concern I'd thought about and I tried to prevent it by stay stitching around the edges of the piece prior to stitching on the facing AND stitching in the ditch after it was added. 

I'm pretty sure I can steam it into shape.....this photo was taken right after the binding was hand sewn in place.  

Will it remain as is??  Hummmm....wanna guess what addition is coming next? 

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