Saturday, May 19, 2012


Working on several projects at the same time is my norm and that approach allows me to accomplish quite alot.  I'm able to pro-actively work on one piece while design decisions on other projects are still percolating.

However, there usually comes a time when I have so many piles from each of these projects cluttering up every surface in my studio, that work ceases because all I'm doing is moving one pile to get at another.  Chaos paralyzes me.

That brick wall hit this week, fortunately it coinsided with the completion of the hand quilting on this yet unnamed rusted/deconstructed screen printed piece.

My goal today is to figure out how I want to finish the edges of the work. At the moment, brown linen fabric is being auditioned for the possible binding or first instinct is that though it frames the piece, it might be visually too strong.  

Before I take scissors in hand, first some ball playing with our overly excitable black lab that we recently a shower, then another look at the quilt!  Perhaps if the decision goes smoothly, there will be something to show you tomorrow!

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