Monday, July 21, 2008


Family life has overtaken my blog.....of course all things fiber/beading are still very much in my thoughts, but right now, projects are on hold until I return to NC in a few days.  What is probably ho hum posts for you readers is really big fun for me.  With the kids living clear across the country, we miss even the most mundane things such as the process of decorating a room, so I'm really enjoying the involvement during this visit.

Since big city living is so foreign to me, it's been exciting to explore their residential area of Noe Valley .  I hope to be back soon to lend a hand as they slowly make this house their home.

We are making progress.  After several days of work we are finally nearly finished painting the trim.  Kelly's smile is an indication of how close she is to reaching the final corner!

Baseboard painting was left to Chris who is just as talented with a paint brush in hand as he is in the boardroom.

Nali, (who has personality plus) likes being with her people.  She managed to wiggle past the doggie gate and now sports paint not only on her ears but her legs and tail too.  She's happy!

I was forcibly retired from painting after about 5+ hours.  I'd literally developed a huge blister from holding the paint brush while painting trim & the louver doors.  Of course I ignored it too long and now have a hole in my skin.  Sorry for the graphic photo, but what mother wouldn't work the skin off her fingers for her kids!?!?

It was too late to begin painting the final color on the walls so we took a break and headed to downtown SFO.  The perfect child works for a firm located on the 47 & 48th floors of the Bank of America building.....the 2nd tallest in the city.  Talk about amazing views.  

He's on the road most of the time, and in fact will be heading off to London later today......but when in the office, his view includes the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance with the city below.

AND.........Alcatraz (the island on the right).....typically July and Aug. are chilly due to the fog that rolls in from the ocean.....but the view was still spectacular.