Tuesday, July 29, 2008


There seems to be something new to see around each bend in the road as we take our twice daily walks.  Today we found a big ole tree had crashed down in the road, breaking in half, near the top of the route we take up the mountain.

So, as we walked around the debris.......the husband...who is always 20 ft. ahead of me, turns and says be careful.  Hummmm......then I notice......a swarm of bees.  Careful?  What's to be careful about.....you think I'm passing by this tree....no, I'm turning tail and heading home.

Well, I was persuaded (guilted) to pass by anyway and immediately realized my quilting pal and bee keeper friend would want to know about this because she's now involved in doing DNA work in regard to feral bees.

These are wild honey bees......the husband took the picture....I was too chicken to get close. Connie and her bee keeper husband are coming later this evening to see about rescuing the hive.  It sound fascinating.......hope to get some good photos if that happens.....

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