Thursday, July 17, 2008


My 12 hour travel day on Wednesday went surprisingly smooth, considering the 4 commuter flights from Asheville to San Francisco.

I thought it'd be fun to highlight something about each of the airports, but I forgot to take a picture in Asheville....think small but cute...with rocking chairs scattered about for comfy seating.

I have no clue what this artwork at the Cincinnati airport represents....but we've all heard the term, when pigs can fly, so it was worthy to include.

This is what I saw of the Denver flight was late getting into Denver from Cinncinati, it was supposed to be just a layover, not a plane change.....but that's not what happened.  However, with unexpected efficiency, Delta hearded about 10 of us off one small plane and walked us across the tarmac to our outbound  Salt Lake City plane.  That's the way I like connections!!

I've never traveled through Salt Lake City's airport so with a 2+ hr. layover, I had lots of time to explore their many exhibits.  This one featured silver items from the collection of the Utah Museum.

I was surprised to see so many shops in the airport.....mostly unfamiliar names, though of course the name brands were also there.  Beaded items were everywhere, sincerely, beads seems to be attached to just about everything....

This purse was so unique, heavily embellished but not to the point of tackiness....well at least I thought it still remained classy.....

Today both Kelly's Mom and I are going to strip wall paper off the bedroom walls in our kids' new (1907) San Francisco Noe Valley vintage home.  There's a Starbucks 3 blocks away that we can count on to keep us energized.  This is going to be fun.....really....I'm pulling on my gloves as we speak.