Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Drastic??  Not really, I'm ready to take my foot and stomp my computer to death.....but why???
  It's already 90% there!

I woke up yesterday to my usual routine of downloading my favorite podcasts onto my lap top, as I also downloaded my email onto my desk top.  I def. have a love/hate relationship with my computers, well.....all things technical.  I know barely enough and get 'over the top' frustrated when they don't work because I'm at such a loss about what to do.

Well, my lap top (only 4 1/2 years old) has been acting up and now it won't even turn on.  Naturally, just like when I had to replace my digital projector recently.....I have a trip right around the corner which allows very little time to deal with the problem.  

What's frustrating me even more is the lack of quality shops here in Asheville.....this town has a big reputation, but it's really small.....we purchase almost everything over the internet. However, there is no option of overnight delivery service for a replacement lap top where we live, even if one was willing to pay for it.  (It's silly.....we are only 12 mins. off I40 but they act like we are 100 years back in time!)


The solution:  The husband and I did a 4 hr. round trip to the Best Buy in Greenville, SC and here's my new Mac!  Sadly, my foot is about to stomp on this one too because after hours and hours yesterday afternoon and late into the night....I still can't get my email or any of my documents to work.  I'm hoping I can get someone at Apple's tech. dept. to help me fix this before I leave for SFO this afternoon.......

UPDATE - appx. noon on Tues.   I soooo lucked out and got the MOST patient, knowledge tech at Apple's Support Center.......I want this young man (Logan - I think?) to give me private lessons....he was super.  It's all good now!!!

"The husband" will hold down the fort as I take wing again.....my travel day tomorrow is 12 hrs. so, I'll chat when I can.....