Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Once a month the Fiber Arts Alliance of Asheville, NC meets to share our love of all things fiber.  We don't have formal meetings......no dues, no fuss, instead a member usually provides a short program for the group.  Today Cheryl Alderman awed us with her very clever methods of hanging her work.

I'm sorry my photos are so fuzzy, apparently my camera didn't want to focus well against the busy backdrop...but I hope you'll still be able to recognize the potential for your own quilts.

Rather than using the traditional fabric sleeve and dowel, Cheryl used an interesting branch attached with beaded wrapped wire which holds the artwork with ribbon loops.

Close up

Here a branch is attached to a flat, thin piece of stained wood that has shaped edges.  Fabric loops attach the quilt.  The display is hung by threading the two drilled holes (in the larger wood section) onto small nails, carefully positioned in the wall.

Are you getting excited to try these ideas yourself?  I sure am!

Even the traditional fabric sleeve and dowel is updated here by attaching a small link chain to each end of the dowel.  

More branches, driftwood, and two back scratchers (top & bottom items)!

Cheryl purchases many types of inexpensive wood from one of the large box home stores, then sands, shapes, drills holes, and stains them to use in conjunction with branches or alone.  So, the next time you want to show off your work with more pizzazz, consider recreating some of these ideas.  Thanks Cheryl!!