Thursday, July 31, 2008


What do the movies Amadeus, 1984, starring Tom Hulce.....

......and The Long Way Down  - a 2007 mini series about 2 guys and their motorcycle trip which began in May 2007 in Scotland and ended 15 months later in South Africa, have in common?

ANSWER:  The last and most recent films the Stori's have seen in a movie theater.  Yes, as unbelievable as it may seem, we haven't been inside a movie theater since 1984.'s not that we don't watch movies....we do....lots of them, but I guess we prefer the comfort of our own home...ya think??

So, tonight we are heading to Asheville to see a two-hour "director's cut" of the 10 part series which will be shown one night only in movie theaters nationwide.  Apparently 'the husband' is really interested.....hopefully he isn't secretly dreaming of such a trip for us!!

In 2006, these same two men were featured in the film  The Long Way Round  That movie was billed as 2 men, 2 bikes, 20,000 miles from London to NY in 115 days.  Ya gotta ask -  why???

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Teri said...

I love watching movies to. At some point in our lives all of my family but me have worked in a movie theater. I just enjoyed the free movies, and was sad when my kids wanted to leave the theater and get educations. ;) When I met my husband, he was the projectionist in a theater. It was back when they had reels and had to rewind and change reels during the movies and make it look seamless. We used to sit my sun in a baby seat on the rewind bench, and when he got older, he would help his dad in the booth. The kids and I from early ages would go to at least 1 movie a week. They all had their little booster seats that they would carry to the theater. My husband went on to get his degree and has a real job. We have to pay for our movies, and we still go, but there are a lot of ones we wait to see on DVD. But there is nothing like sitting in a theater to see a movie. We sit under the projector window to hear the familiar sound of the film running through the machine. Priceless..