Sunday, July 13, 2008


Here are a few more photos of the amazing work displayed at the UNC's Kellogg Center, see previous post for link.

The piece below is another interactive marvel.  Read the details in the signage photo.  Even without the integrated tech, the design is incredible, especially when you realize this is woven fabric!

The artist is Joanna Berzowska of Concordia University in Canada. on earth has this been created?  The piece is part of the Interior Textiles section of the exhibit.  Thankfully, viewers were encouraged to touch.  This curtain is made of woven panels where every other narrow panel sits at right angles to the next.  You might be able to see on the right side of the photo where I've pulled the edge tight, how the holes of the panel to the left are woven through the end panel.  Way cool....

I really like this room divider.  Notice that the width the sections varies.....each covered with a different, yet coordinating woven fabric.  We've been looking for a room divider for our newly furnished guest suite, so I'm now pondering how to recreate this look myself.

Our group enjoys show and tell as much as any quilt/fiber related group, though I can only share one photo from this month's meeting.  Lynn created the neatest scrap quilt featuring half log cabin blocks of varying sizes.  This will join other quilts she's made to sell in her booth at the Southern Highland's Craft Fair.  

Georgia Bonesteel shared the project she designed for her students at a Montana retreat she and Charlotte Warr Anderson do every year.  And...Linda Cantrell unveiled 30 blocks for her newest show quilt.  I know....what a tease I am.....telling you and not being able to share photos.....I will as soon as they give me the okay.