Friday, July 25, 2008


Are you a real estate TV junkie?  Seriously, I watch as many of these shows as's like window peaking, with a little dreaming thrown in too.

So, what can you get for $6 Million + ??  A totally remodeled firehouse in Noe Valley of San Francisco.  This property is a block away from 'the perfect child's' house, and of course everyone in the neighborhood I'm sure is watching this listing closely.  Though the prices are extremely high in SFO, this is not the average for this area.  It's so high end it has its own website  Engine No. 44 Firehouse  

I wasn't able to download anything but a thumb nail photo of the property from the website.....but if you are anything like'll spend a good hour looking at every photo, blueprint, history, and all the credits.  Check it out and dream on......

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Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this particular show. It's new isn't it? I watch Househunters and particularly like the international version. What You Get For the Money is another favorite.