Wednesday, July 30, 2008

BEES - Part 2

As it turned out, my friend Connie and her husband Ted, both bee keepers did indeed think our bee hive discovery was worth investigating.  

They are helping with North Carolina University's 'Save the Hives' program, to learn more click on:  "Feral Bee Project"   Bees colonies throughout the United States have been greatly reduced over the last two decades, here in NC, managed colonies of bees are down 40%.

Click here to read a short intro about this situation.

Connie and Ted are putting on their protective gear....while 'the husband' and I stand far back from the tree trunk.

Ted is already on the ground and inspecting the site of activity.

Here they are scooping bees into vials for DNA testing.  The goal was to capture about 50 bees. 
They thought these bees appeared to be of Italian descent.  (I hope I understood that correctly....believe me I wouldn't know one from another, even if they were were their country's flag!)

Successful harvest!

Look Mary....there's nothing to be scared about!!  

After shaking the bees down to the bottom of the glass vials, Connie is pouring a preservative solution to keep the bees fresh for the impending DNA tests.

All done, and no stings.  Ted hopes to come back this weekend, assuming the bees stay with their hive, and will attempt to cut it out of the trunk and relocate it.


Anonymous said...

mary the bees are exciting i havn't seen any bees this summer will I saw on sleeping on the sidewalk I have many flowers this year no bees.
Where have all the bees gone.

Priscilla Hill said...

Love that the bees will be relocated! After a couple of years of no bees in my garden, our "down the hill" neighbor has three hives and my flowers are swarming! See you in a few weeks! Pris

Cal said...

Thanks for contacting Ted and Connie to save these bees. Spread the word to help save bees when you can.