Monday, July 28, 2008


Our community is called's not difficult to see why.  Last summer the trees were bare due to an ice storm in the spring just as the crab apple trees were in blossom.

This year, the trees are bending over with their heavy fruit.  We keep wondering whether we'll see a bear wander down to munch on the apples.

All our wild flowers are blooming.

Apparently there is some concern about the loss of the bee population in some parts of the country.  That's because they are all here!  It may not be that visible in this photo....but there are probably 30 bees along with a butterfly or two just on this one plant.

We are enjoying a beautiful garden this year due to more frequent rains.  However, much of this area is still far behind the normal rainfall and sadly, some communities are considering mandatory water restrictions.  Hopefully the weather pattern of good soaking rains here in the mountain will continue!

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