Saturday, July 12, 2008


Though our small fiber arts group's monthly meeting always includes good food, we also try to attend as many local fiber exhibits as possible.  Thursday, 10 of us had lunch at the trendy new Hendersonville restaurant, Never Blue.  

Next, we headed to The Center For Craft, Creativity & Design, affiliated with University of North Carolina.   Their current exhibit is titled, Inspired Design - Jacquard & Entrepreneurial Textiles, running through Aug. 22, 2008.

Five areas of 21st century design were covered:  Smart textiles (e-textiles with electronic components woven into textiles), Preformance and Interactive Textiles, Textiles for Boutique Clothing Lines, Interior Textiles, Fine and Commissioned Art. 

This is amazing stuff.....

This piece is best described by the signage below.

This signage is a bit difficult to here's the basic format.....the copper wire woven throughout the piece conducts electricity, which can be "heard" through the speaker when the viewer places their hands on the fabric.

As I recall, the design of this woven piece was computer generated.  I liked the visual energy of the piece. 

More tomorrow......