Friday, July 4, 2008


HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!  Our day has been quiet....both of us have long "to-do" lists.....and having time to accomplish mine is a great holiday vacation! 

The 'staging' of our 2nd guest room is nearly complete.  Here's a tip I learned from an helpful employee of Bed Bath & Beyond when I was searching for a box spring cover.  

The visibility of the box spring wasn't attractive so it seemed like a simple matter to purchase a box spring cover.  WELL......that's easier said than done here in Asheville, where only Target, Wal Mart and a few other chain stores are our choices.

There wasn't a cover to be had anywhere, however this solution is just great.  The trick is to purchase a fitted sheet (color and style to coordinate with your bedding/room).  Way less costly.  Although I was looking for white, here is always a challenge and there wasn't one single queen size fitted white sheet available at B B & B.  So, I selected black...since there is lots of other black in the suite.

We actually had to take the mattress off anyway in order to snake the cords behind the headboard to plug in the new lamps.....naturally that was the nearest outlet. This bed is so HEAVY, we just couldn't slide it away from the wall ourselves.

TA DA!!!