Thursday, July 10, 2008



Done x 2!!  Now I'll make a third, larger pillow, varying the look of the cover.

I decided this larger pillow could use more texture, so I've begun pin tucking a section of silk noil.  I'm using a 4.0/90 twin needle and rayon thread for the stitching.  And of course, now is not the time to begin to worry about this.....but frankly, I'm wondering if there's enough fabric remaining to complete this one....geesh!  

In order to allow the fabric to create tunnel domes, it was not stabilized.  The quality of the stitch still isn't correct.  But, after doing a test run on traditional woven cotton fabric which turned out perfect, I know that the culprit is the fabric.  I'm guessing that the strong silk fibers, and the poor quality of this particular piece must be preventing the needle from piercing and forming stitches properly.