Monday, July 14, 2008


The final pillow is completed.  Silly that it took over a week to make 3 pillows.....I can never seem to find hunks of time to sew these days.  I need to remind myself....this isn't a race!

I'm happy with the texture and overall appearance the pin tucking provided to the pillow.

I got a question from a reader, inquiring about the finishing details of the pillows.  The backs are made in two sections.  Each measuring about one quarter short of the overall width of the finished pillow.  One long side of each piece is finished with serging and then a top stitched seam.  Both are positioned onto the finished pillow top, right sides together, raw edges meeting.  Next I sew a 1/4" seam completely around the outside edge.  As you can see....that leaves a nice opening to slip in the pillow form.

THE END!!  Now, come and visit us!