Sunday, August 1, 2010


Awhile back I designed a bead embellished Woolfelt wall hanging inspired by one of my favorite plants.....Horsetails. Apparently I wasn't the only one who was attracted to the reedy plant.....the quilt sold quickly.

I haven't gotten it out of my system.... I began another...... As usual I start by stabilizing the back of the felt with a light-weight non-fusible interfacing. For some projects like this, I find it's helpful to draw some design lines on the stabilizer which are transferred to the front by thread basting.

For this project I used National Nonwoven's, 50/50 Bamboo/Rayon. It's a dream to work with! I did some simple machine quilting to add a bit more strength and texture. The beadwork will be stitched following the basting lines. (This photo shows only 1 basted design line.)

After the beadwork is completed.......the edges will be trimmed (squared). The thread basted outer lines are a guide, but I recheck to be sure the beading hasn't caused any changes before I cut it.

Horsetails #2 - 12.5" x 15"
$125 plus shipping UPDATE - NOW SOLD
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My design wall is currently full of batik block (I'm afraid that expanded project will be a long term one!) So I had to photograph this on the floor......

The center panel is attached to a larger rectangle of National Nonwoven's forest green Woolfelt (80/20 rayon/wool blend. The edges are masked by Woolfelt strips cut using a rotary cutter fitted with a wavy blade, and beaded in place.

Additional interest and texture was created by beading small Woolfelt circles to the outer border and bead motif units along the outside edge.

Interested parties can request a better photo.....I'll take command over my design wall and email you new photos.

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