Friday, July 30, 2010


As my event, "The Great Smoky Mountain Quilting Tour" approaches next Thursday......I thought I'd show you one of the loveliest sites you can see here in the example of some of the beauty this area has to offer.

We are early risers......better that 'the husband' can stand by the back door like a puppy dog waiting to be taken a way of urging me to get in gear for our daily morning 'forced march' up and down and back up and down our mountain roads!!

I'm not sure I'll ever get used to living in the Eastern Time stays dark too long in the morning for my liking. This photo was taken from our driveway, facing South about 6:45 AM. The mountains trap moisture......and when it's released......the appearance is not unlike smoke from a fire.

This is an Eastern view......we live in a mountain valley......where it just takes the sun longer to rise high enough to provide sunlight!

I wish you were all going to be joining this fun filled week long tour.......

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Anita said...

Best of luck with your Smokey Mt. tour! Actually, we're in the western end of the eastern time zone...that's why it's dark in the morning. I wake up early too to enjoy the sun which doesn't come up until 2 hours later, ha.