Friday, August 27, 2010


On a recent visit to Seoul, S. Korea our son and wife spotted this shop in a nice historic area near the "Blue House", which is equivalent to America's "White House".

It carried 'cute' (according to our DIL) handbags and shoes...of which she is a collector and is quite an expert! Our son showed the clerks his business card.....obviously with the name Stori.....too funny....they got excited and thought HE was the owner! With some difficulty, due to the language barrier, he was able to clear that up.

A personal observation.....ya know I'm a stickler about drives me nuts..... Seoul is a very clean city so I was so surprised to see this empty water bottle on the street...... But am still marveling at the name!

Thanks to faithful reader's a link to the stori store......

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Wendy said...

Okay, i'll bite!
I Googled "stori" and it brought up links to You (of couurse), and to this:
It says "site under construction" but if shows pix of cute bags. I'm guessing it's related to that store.