Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm heading off for a sentimental journey this week back to my hometown.......blogging will probably be infrequent.

Recently I learned of a website that has our high school's yearbooks online. Since mine were all lost in our wet basement years ago, I had fun browsing.

I got to the page where my 1964 senior photo (left), next to my twin sister, was listed. Frankly, I gasped. After living all our lives thinking we were fraternal twins, in 2001 with DNA testing, we learned we were in fact identical. Neither of us thought we looked alike......but in these photos, despite looking in different directions (kind of like how we lived our lives which is interesting) I see so many resemblances.

So.....this post is dedicated to my twin, Nancy Theobald Willmas (1946-2002). Her spirit will always shine like a thousand points of light!


Janet said...

Mary: I must say I've been remiss in following your blog and so many others too - too many quilts and not enough time is my only excuse. As a Nova Scotian and long time lover of Downeast Maine I can assure you a wonderful cruise - the weather that time of year is lovely - colours not doing much changing yet but the clear bright light and sparkling sea combined with evergreens, rocks and birch trees is sublime.
Don't expect, however, to find anything more than barely adequate in the way of quilt shops in the Halifax area. The best shop on mainland Nova Scotia is located about 25 miles from me in the Annapolis Valley. There is lots to see and do however and there is also a vibrant quilting community among the Mayflower Quilt Guild in Halifax. If you need any contact info - I can be of help. BTW Scott Robson of the Nova Scotia Museum published the definitive book on the history of NS quilts and it is available wherever NS books are sold, and I'm sure at the Museum. You might be able to contact him and arrange a special viewing of some of the museum's holdings as they are usually styored in controlled climate and not on display.

Anonymous said...

Mary, your appearance hasn't changed much!I love to see those old "fussy" hairstyles, but I prefer your current no-frills style. Best wishes for an enjoyable return to your roots!
Ellen Lee