Friday, August 13, 2010

DAY 7 - GSMAT - continued

Our tour is coming to an end.......sometimes when I plan these trips...I worry that my anticipation may be greater than the event......definitely not so!

Just off the main lobby at the Inn on Biltmore Estates one can relax in their library for a snack or beverage.

Of course the big attraction is the view......walking paths lead to Antler Village.....and chairs are sprinkled around to enjoy the scenery as well.


Double Yum!!

We've come from far and wide to spend time in the Smoky Mountains......(left to right) Gail (PA), Myrna from Australia, and Carol (TX)

Dodi from Wisconsin had us all in hysterics at dinner.

Part of our big happy group....I'll miss you ladies!!!

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