Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DAY 5 - GSMAT - continued

Today (Tues.) has flown by.....we just checked into the Inn on Biltmore Estate........This is the way I was meant to live. Pictures to follow.....

I'm not sure if my internet availability will hold......so for now I want to finish sharing the rest of our activities on Monday.

One of our stops in quaint Burnsville was the Fox General Store.......where you could buy 1 of just about anything you might need.

I'd have taken this home with me but sadly the size was way to large for me.....love the humor!

This isn't so much a look at the past in small town's of NC.....rather....I'm guessing all of you know of a drive in that looks much like this.

A big highlight of our day was being allowed to visit the paint studio....where all the Quilt Blocks are made.

Barbara Webster showed us how she took computer drawings of the blocks.......and had them made into full size patterns....done by a local printing company. Everything is labeled.....

Next the design is transferred to the top of the wood framed block. They use a special sign board as their top layer.

This is a work in progress for a eye Doctor's office......sections are being painted. The work is done entirely by volunteers....but the materials for each block are paid for by the 'clients'. They are available in 8 different sizes at varying costs. Each is custom designed for the 'owner'.

The paint is Benjamin Moore Exterior soft gloss......and applied in several layers. There is no lacquer or other protective surface added.

Sorry this is short.....more to share as I can....but I must sign off now.....

Long time readers know what a hotel snob I am.....seriously, my room here at the Inn is swell.....wait till you see it.

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Wendy said...

Nice post Mary. Still wish i was there. =-)
I wonder how much one of those signs cost? Wish we had some around here (Cabarrus County, NC).

Thanks for updating us as you're able!