Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DAY 6 - GSMAT ....continued some more....

WOW........this is truly a dream. I've visited the Biltmore Estate several times since we moved to the Asheville area.....but never imagined I'd have the opportunity to stay at their 5 Star's frankly, incredible.

The Biltmore estate is 8,000 acres. The Inn on Biltmore Estate is about 15 mins. by shuttle bus from the mansion.....which you can see in the distance from the veranda of this hotel. (Illustrating just how HUGE the 'House' is.)

So....I walk into my the kids say OMG!! Fabulous.... I grabbed my camera and began taking photos before I messed up the room by unpacking.

This corner room boasts of an alcove leading to the bathroom.

You can see my reflection in the bathroom mirror......I'm NOT kidding.....I almost need a road map to find my way to and around this huge space. There's a walk in shower, and toliet closet.....note the fresh rose on the counter.

Oh....did I mention the jetted tub?

However.....what are they thinking??? With the extensive food choices....I really didn't want to know how much weight I've gained these last 7 days.

Are you getting the idea of just how huge the room is?? Yes, I'm in heaven!

Look at the size of this TV........of course it has to be this large due to the distance it is from the bed.....did I say the room is huge??

Housekeeping service is provided twice a day....... How many times have you wondered where the heck you should put the decorative pillows hotels now seem to have on the beds? They have it all figured out here......they are stacked on a spare luggage rack when turn down service occurs.

Bed linens are folded back.....

The next day's weather forcast is provided.....along with chocolate. Oh, did I say how pampered I feel? I'm so grateful to all the participants for registering for this trip.....otherwise I'd be home with 'the husband'......not that he's not worth staying home for......but this is enjoyable as well.

There's one more day to report and then our tour will conclude. My camera was snapping pictures all day, I expect to post a few more photos before it's time to put these memories in my treasure chest.

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