Monday, August 30, 2010


Despite spending almost the entire afternoon in my studio.....I don't have much to show for my efforts. Most of the time was taken up pressing the batik quilt top. I pressed the blocks as I went along, but due to the (too) many seams to match.....I waited to press the rest until after the blocks and rows were accurately sewn together.

These hours of pressing were not wasted.....oh heck no.......I am admittedly a Bravo TV junkie......okay so now you know one of my vices. Perhaps the pressing took twice the time because I stopped....... with iron in midair, mouth gaping......about every other minute..... as I marveled at the amusing nonsense from shows such as: Flipping Out, Housewives of DC, Design Star, Project Runway......

Happily, I still managed to uncover several hunks of fabric to piece together for the backing that will complement the flavor of the quilt top. The "perfect child" travels frequently for business and pleasure to many exotic and interesting places. He thoughtfully seeks out local fabric for me. These gifts will be perfect for the back to continue the scrappy theme of the quilt top. I guess that means now I need to wash, press, then cut them before I can beging piecing the backing......okay, okay.....I reminding myself to enjoy the process!!

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