Monday, August 9, 2010


We had such a busy day today......I hardly know where to camera is full of photos so this will be a two part post.......

We headed to Burnsville, NC where Barbara Webster guided us along parts of Yancey County's Quilt Trail. We began with an introduction to this small town North West of Asheville. Barbara created this huge quilt as a tribute to the area which she made entirely from digital photo transferred fabric.


The Quilt Trail is quickly making the town of Burnsville famous. Yancey County has the highest concentration of quilts block anywhere n the USA! The Quilt Trail project got its start in Ohio when Donna Sue Groves put a block on her barn to honor her mother. From that simple act, the project has spread to 24 states. We were so fortunate to have Barbara, the driving force behind this region's project, as our personal guide for the day.

This is the block that is displayed at the Railroad Sock Factory.

This small factory was crammed with machinery......and boxes of socks everywhere.

They manufacture socks for many famous companies.....who then brank them with their own names.
The factory makes the socks that are used to create those creepy sock monkies.....ya, some of you might think they are cute.....but they give me the willies.

This block was designed by Barbara and her husband for the town's Chevy dealership. The owner's favorite car is a Corvette.....notice....two sides of the block depict the front of the car and the other two the back.

Quilt blocks are displayed on every kind of business in town, from bakeries to dentist offices, to this jewlery store. All custom designed.

In March the world's first Quilt Block Sundial was installed. It's also the largest vertical sundial in North Carolina. It's not only beautiful to look's accurate. Yes, for those who's was about 11:10 AM.....

I'll continue as I can.........we move to stay at the historic Biltmore Estates for the next two nights where I'm guessing I won't have internet access.....but please stay tuned for further reports....

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