Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Tuesday was another busy day for our tour group.

We arranged for a private tour of Lark Books, a well known publisher of quilt and other craft books. Their offices are located in an old car dealership building in downtown Asheville. The view from the 3rd floor research library was amazing.

We all wondered where they displayed the cars?

Wouldn't you love a library this large??

The lower floors reminded me of a maze.....

The office is dog friendly.......this photo was taken through a glass office window (so as not to disturb this Boxer, who was having his morning nap.) Amanda of Lark books shared a great deal of information about the publishing process......this is the kind of extra we like to provide to our guests.....the inside views of places normally not accessible by the public!

Next we traveled to South Asheville to visit Asheville Cotton, the area's largest quilt shop and Bernina Dealer.

Shop owner Robin makes sure the store is overflowing with stock.....our group enjoyed their shopping experience.

We had access to their classroom and took the opportunity to do Show and Tell.....first with the tour members, followed by members of my small group....PTA.

Here June, on the left, is showing her Shasiko quilt.

Donna wowed us with her colorful piece.

Diane brought a small star/heart wall quilt....
Sara gave us all chills with her Quilt of Valor quilt.
Karen shared a piece she began in a workshop with Gloria Lohman....and the personal touches she added.

There were many more.......this is just an overview of the talented gals I've had the pleasure of traveling with these last 6 days. More to follow......but I must get myself moving this morning (Now Wed.) it's time to begin exploring all that the Biltmore Estate has to offer.


Amanda Carestio said...

It was so lovely to have you all here at Lark. And from the looks of things, the rest of your day was fun too!

Beth said...

Willow the boxer is blushing--she's so happy to have made it into your blog post's photo collection! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day in Asheville!