Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DAY 5 - GSMAT - continued again

Here's a wrap up of Monday's fun........

When creating these customs quilt blocks......design choices vary. One 'client' asked to use a family quilt as inspiration.

Here's their finished block.....wonderful yes??

I was delighted to see this block in progress.......it will be one of the first to be hung at the Shelton House Museum in Haywood County (the county I live in). I'd love to have one on our log cabin storage building.......and intend to look into the application process. From what I understand, the largest blocks run about $300......which surprised me....I expected it to be higher.

What would a day be like on a quilting tour without a visit to a quilt shop? This is Needle Me This their block, with Kathy and Robin enjoying the front porch.

And to top off the day......Judy Simmons joined us for dinner and presented a lecture! We were treated to detailed information about the techniques she uses to create her incredible digital photo enhanced quilts.

She told a touching story about the making of this quilt which features a drawing of her grandfather who as a newcomer to the U.S., worked on the docks in New York. (I hope I have this correct Judy...)

Day 6 is now at an end....it too was jam packed with events.......If I continue to be able to grab an internet signal.....I'll start posting them tomorrow morning. Nite, nite.....with all this fun I'm pooped!

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