Saturday, August 21, 2010

THE OLE' HOMETOWN....... even better than it used to be....

I'm guessing it's not often that one's childhood memories are exceeded by the current physical presence of locations/places etc. If it weren't for the cold winters and hot and muggy summers with an over abundance of mosquitoes.....I could live here again.

But first......and this is a cute is this little rubber ducky? (Which I admit looks a bit menacing in this photo but it's really adorable.) One advantage of belonging to both airline and hotel frequent traveler programs is the upgrades awarded from time to time......especially appreciated when you aren't expecting it. An upgrade to a suite on Wed. night brought this surprise sitting on the lip of the jetted tub. Really.....isn't it the little unexpected pleasures that can provide the biggest smiles?

Wisconsin (and the Midwest in general) are such clean & tidy states..... I hate to slam the SE, my new chosen location .....but the amount of trash along road sides, parking lots, and just general sloppiness/junk/unkempt properties is very disturbing to me coming from a state where you don't even see cigarette butts or gum deposited on sidewalks.

It was a joy to walk around and notice how well my hometown has been maintained. When movie theaters are crumbling in many small towns in America....this one, where I spent many happy hours, has been turned into a performing arts center.

The 'modern face lifts' that covered up the facades of many old buildings have been removed and their original glory revealed.

It's a place where beaches are clean and residents can enjoy the water without paying a fee.

Children fill parks......I decided to take this photo from across the street because sadly, in this day and age an adult taking photos of kids in a park might be cause for alarm. Yet, that didn't stop me from recognizing this remarkable scene......

My journey continues........hope some of my muttering brings some good memories for you too.

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